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Delivering more than just a test result

InVite® Health has taken the next steps to help you understand and navigate a healthy lifestyle. Now you can access and understand your genome – from genetic mutations to your risk of developing certain conditions – with data that has revolutionized health, wellness and research. We want to empower you, from understanding your body and the way it works, to making educated decisions regarding your health.

How it works

You contain two copies of each gene, one from your father and one from your mother. Understanding the genes in your DNA can help you predict your future state of health and alerts you to begin practicing a particular lifestyle, eat a more focused diet, or even adjust your exercise regimen. You will also be able to supply your physician with this information, which can greatly benefit your future health. All DNA tests are performed with a simple swab of your inner cheek, which is then examined for particular mutations that can contribute to future health issues or that may be protective.

Call or visit an InVite® retail location to speak with a certified healthcare professional and choose the best test for your needs.
Once you choose a test, we'll send you a test kit. Simply swab your cheek and mail it back to the lab in the pre-paid package.
In approximately 5-7 days, your lab results will be ready. A certified healthcare professional will call you to discuss your results.

A Personalized Approach To Your Health

Not sure which products are best for your individual health needs? Our InVite Health degreed healthcare professionals are available to help you get started. Learn more about how to have your FREE nutritional consultation now.