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Clear Skin Face Care Set




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Clear Skin Face Care Set

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Clear Skin Face Care Set

The Clear Skin Face Care Set is a natural skincare system gentle enough even for individuals with blemishes and sensitive skin. This program was formulated to gently soothe the skin, reduce oil and even-out skin tone, making it appear healthier and more attractive in three easy steps: Gentle Facial Cleanser, Toner for Clear Skin, and Gentle Facial Moisturizer. Gentle and beneficial, our program is designed to be used on the whole face (or irritation-prone area) every day. Our cosmeceuticals are formulated with soothing botanicals such as grape seed extract, Japanese green tea, aloe vera and neem oil, which leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated, instead of dry and flaky.

InVite®'s Gentle Facial Cleanser

InVite®'s Gentle Facial Cleanser is designed to gently cleanse the skin without harshness, or irritation. Its mild herbal blend deep cleans pores without harming the protective acid mantle layer of the skin. Your skin will be clean and fresh. The healing herbs will nourish the skin, aid regeneration and improve skin texture. InVite® Wash is rich in antioxidant herbs that support the skin and reduce breakouts. Green tea leaf, aloe vera leaf, witch hazel, lemon peel, vitamin C, tea tree oil, yeast extract, and neem oil. Our Gentle Facial Cleanser contains a blend of herbs that nourish the skin and aid texture: sea fennel, algae, Irish moss, plankton, sea kelp, and spirulina.

InVite® Toner for Clear Skin

InVite® Facial Toner is designed to open pores and allow the skin to breathe. This in turn helps to reduce blemishes, redness and discoloration that result from clogged pores. The ingredients in InVite® Facial Toner help tone and smooth the skin, increasing firmness. This formula contains the strongest antioxidant herbs known to science, including green tea leaf, grape seed, and vitamin C, which help protect the skin while slowing the aging process. Our Facial Toner also contains a nourishing base that may improve skin texture and quality: sea kelp, aloe vera, sea fennel, Irish moss, algae, plankton, and spirulina. Also included in this beneficial formula are grapefruit oil, grape seed extract, witch hazel, menthol, caffeine, and eucalyptus to support the tone and integrity of the skin, balance color and pigmentation, and strengthen the supportive collagen matrix of the skin.

InVite®'s Facial Moisturizer

InVite®'s Facial Moisturizer is designed to nourish your skin and allow your healthiest skin to surface. Our Facial Moisturizer boosts skin health with a generous concentration of a beneficial ingredient known as azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is a natural material produced by a yeast that normally lives on healthy skin. When applied topically, a product with azelaic acid such as InVite®'s Facial Moisturizer may help restore the normal growth of the disordered skin cells lining the follicle. Azelaic acid is a non-toxic ingredient.

These products do not contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum
  • Colorants
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfates
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Harsh, dangerous, or toxic ingredients

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Clear Skin Face Care Set

Clear Skin Face Care Set

The Clear Skin Face Care Set is a natural skincare system gentle enough even for individuals with blemishes and sensitive skin.

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