CLA may significantly decrease the risk of colon cancer, high fat dairy was also protective

October 13, 2005

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a natural component of dairy and meat. CLA consists of 8 isomers of linoleic acid and groupings of these isomers have different activities. Research shows that CLA (all 8 isomers in one) help improve lean muscle tissue and improve the ability of the body to metabolize fat: CLA actually helps break down stored fat. In studies CLA has ability to decrease the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute analyzed data from 60,708 women aged 40 to 76 who participated in the Swedish Mammography Cohort. At study end, approximately 14.8 years later it was found that women who consumed the highest levels of CLA had an almost 30% drop in the risk of colon cancer and those who daily consumed high fat dairy foods had a 41% decrease (whole milk, cultured cheese, cream, sour cream, or butter). The study appears in the October 1st, 2005 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Commentary by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph.

Do not just depend on medication to lower your cholesterol, focus on diet and nutrition and include plant sterol containing foods or plant sterol containing supplements as part of your daily healthy lifestyle.

Vanadium may help recovery from infection

Vanadium is a mineral available in tiny amounts from plant sources. Vanadium has value for aiding the control of blood sugar. Vanadium has increased insulin sensitivity and reduced blood sugar in people with diabetes. In this study a portion of the mice were given Vanadium and then all mice were exposed to components found on gram negative bacteria. Recovery of the mice given Vanadium before bacterial exposure was 50% greater than nonsupplemented mice. The study is published in the early online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.