Cholesterol problems related to estrogen levels in men

September 16, 2008

     In this study researchers compared the levels of estrogens (estradiol and estrone) to the levels of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol in 933 young men with an average age of 19. Estradiol was associated with changes in the level of HDL and total cholesterol while estrone was connected to changes in LDL and total cholesterol.
     In the analysis one standard deviation increase in estradiol was associated with a 6% increase in total cholesterol and a 6% decrease in HDL-beneficial cholesterol. An increase of one standard deviation for estrone was connected to a 12% increase in total cholesterol and a 13% increase in LDL. Estrone levels were correlated linearly to a precursor androstenedione but estradiol levels did not correlate with testosterone. Increased levels of estrogens are associated with unfavorable lipid profile in men and this association is present early in life, before apparent manifestations of cardiovascular disease.

     The research was performed at the University of Leicester in the UK and at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC and is published online ahead of print in the journal Atherosclerosis.