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Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin®

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Bio-Curcumin, 5-Loxin

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Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin® Supplement

This highly absorbable herbal combination, one of InVite®'s most popular supplements, of Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin® supports the body’s everyday inflammatory response and hinders normal, aging-related aches and pains. This formulation of the herb Turmeric (active constituent name is Curcumin) is much more easily absorbed than others; it is a very powerful neuro-protective antioxidant.

Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin™ supplements from InVite® Health have been specifically formulated to target systemic inflammation throughout the body, which has been pinpointed as the source of a variety of health conditions that can affect everything from your joints to your heart, linked to many causes that may have an impact on both your healthspan and lifespan. Our supplements work to naturally mediate inflammatory response, as well as to improve the availability of antioxidants and provide nutritional support for increased cellular health.

What separates InVite® Health’s Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin® is its excellent absorbability. Standard versions of the same supplement are very poorly absorbed by the body; InVite® supplements are up to eight times more absorbable than others. They are recommended for anyone suffering from day to day wear and tear, particularly those with joint, skin and intestinal issues.

Our potent and absorbable formulation of Turmeric has been shown to reduce both nitrogen and oxygen free radicals, thereby supporting the structure and function of the brain, digestive tract, and circulatory system, along with other regions of the body. This supplement provides nutritional support for both joint comfort and cartilage health. Turmeric, or Curcumin, is an herb with health benefits that can be found naturally in curry. It is a powerful antioxidant that has excellent benefits for everyday inflammation and tenderness.

Boswellia serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense, is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb with a long and successful history of medicinal use throughout India and Asia for soothing joints, particularly in the shoulders, neck, and back. It also helps to soothe the intestinal tract, which is often a major source of inflammation and discomfort. The most powerful constituent in Boswellia is AKBA and 5-Loxin, a potent concentrated version of AKBA. Published research supports its ability to inhibit the actions of harmful enzymes that break down protective cartilage. Further research conducted at Ohio State, Georgetown, and Creighton Universities shows strong evidence that 5-Loxin is instrumental in inhibiting inflammation, swelling, and discomfort throughout the body.

Why Take InVite®'s Bio-Curcumin® 5-Loxin®?

  • • Non-GMO Dietary Supplement
  • • Made following cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • • Turmeric is very poorly absorbed but BioCurcumin is absorbed 8 to 10 times better than Turmeric and regular Curcumin
  • • Unlike other well absorbed Curcumin products, BioCurcumin® supplies a large concentration of the active ingredients and is 95% active constituents
  • • BioCurcumin® also supplies the essential oils, especially aromatic-turmerone, which are often removed because they are difficult to work with
  • • 5-Loxin® supplies the most active ingredients from the Boswellia Serrate plant (Frankincense) which is complementary to the effects of BioCurcumin®

For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further – great health starts right here at InVite® Health. To ask a question or to purchase your Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin®, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

Supplement Facts

As a dietary supplement for adults take one (1) or two (2) vegetarian capsules twice a day with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 Vegetarian Vcaps® Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
BCM-95® Bio-Curcumin®
(Curcuma longa root) 25:1 extract
standardized to 95%
Curcuminoid Complex (475 mg)
500 mg 
5-Loxin® Boswelllia Serrata resin extract
Standardized for AKBA (29.6 mg)
(acetyl-11-keto- -boswellic acid)
100 mg 
* Daily value(DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Vegetarian Capsule
(Hypromellose), Vegetable Stearate.

Expert Discussion


Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of Invite Health. He has spent his professional life analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the highest quality and most natural nutraceuticals for user’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of Curcumin…

There are thousands of studies on curcumin and hundreds of human clinical trials with curcumin. Here’s a study on curcumin that was done last summer and is in the American Journal of Cardiology. They took people that were having CABG, or coronary artery bypass grafting which is a serious operation. They are taking a blood vessel from a different part of the body or from some other animal and they’re putting it in you to improve blood flow inside your heart. If you don’t have this and you need it, you could die from a heart attack. So, they took 121 patients that were having a CABG and they gave them a curcumin, like Bio-Curcumin, or they gave them inactive placebo, starting three days before and continuing for five days after the surgery. Now, the reason they did this is because people who go for CABG surgery have a risk of suffering from a heart attack during or after the surgery. Now, these heart attacks usually are not fatal, especially since you have cardiac nurses and cardiologist medical doctors surrounding you while performing the surgery. These are not fatal heart attacks, so you’re protected in that sense. The problem is that any heart attack can cause damage to your heart. So, 121 people who were going for a CABG, about half of them, they gave Bio-Curcumin starting three days before and continuing for five days after the surgery. It cut down the risk of a heart attack related to the surgery by 65%. 30% of the people not on curcumin had heart attacks, which sounds pretty high. Only 13% on curcumin had a heart attack. So, it cut the incidents of heart attack and the risk of heart attack dramatically in people who were having heart surgery. That’s an interesting study and it’s a reasonable thing to me that the curcumin would help protect the person from a heart attack while they were undergoing surgery because heart attacks can be triggered by inflammation during the surgery and exposure to free radicals, which occur when you stop blood flow to the heart. When you give curcumin, it lowers inflammation everywhere in the body. In your eyes, there have been studies with people with central serous chorioretinopathy, an eye disease where it reduced inflammation in their eyes and it protected their vision. There’s also a study in humans who had mild Alzheimer's disease where it was protecting their brains.

Smokers are prone to colon cancer. When they gave smokers curcumin, it reduced the number of precancerous cells in their colon by 40% within the first 30 days. This was a very interesting study. Smokers develop a lot of cancers, and one of the cancers is colon cancer. The reason for that is due to the cells that release mucus in the colon and the intestines which protects it from bacteria, solvents and toxins. These can become inflamed from cigarette smoke, making it precancerous and then cancerous. So, when they gave smokers curcumin, within 30 days, they had 40% fewer precancerous cells.

Here’s another one: Barrett’s esophagus is a precancerous condition of the esophagus, which is the tube that goes down from the back of the mouth to the stomach. Esophageal tissue is very sensitive and people who have persistent heartburn, or what we call GERD, (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), when their stomach contents wash up into the esophagus, they burn the tissues. It can happen to them so frequently, sometimes, the burning mutates the cells, and they have a precancerous condition called Barrett’s esophagus. Of all the people in the United States with Barrett’s esophagus, about 60,000 are at risk of developing esophageal cancer. When they gave people with Barrett’s esophagus curcumin, within seven days, it strongly reduced the number of precancerous cells in their esophagus.

One of the current studies going on with curcumin right now is comparing a certain type called Bio-Curcumin to Prozac to see if it’s as effective for depression. They’re giving patients curcumin, Prozac or curcumin with Prozac and, of course, some of the patients were taking a placebo. There’s another curcumin study going on, once again, with something called Bio-Curcumin. It’s at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, and they’re adding it to chemotherapy for lung cancer patients to see if it improves their chances of survival.

Some of the other studies going on with Bio-Curcuminright now involve oral premalignant lesions. So, people who have precancerous conditions in their mouth, or precancerous lesions of the cervix, which are indicative of a problem with a woman’s Pap smear, they’re using Bio-Curcumin for that. There’s another study going on at in Edith Cowan University over in Australia, and it’s 150 patients with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment (which really is the condition right before you slide into Alzheimer’s disease). In this study they’re giving them Bio-Curcumin to see if it protects their brains.


One of the ingredients is from the frankincense plant, it’s called 5-Loxin. They actually named it after the pathway that it inhibits in joint discomfort. There are two distinct pathways that cause inflammatory response throughout the body. Like with lung inflammation or skin inflammation and itching in the colon, some of those immune-derived inflammatory responses are a problem for people. The absorbable form of Turmeric (Biocurcumin) and Boswellia (5-loxin), when combined, inhibit the COX-2 enzyme. This has been proven through studies at Baylor College. Traditionally, that’s how they help joint discomfort. The other one, the 5-Loxin, inhibits a really nasty enzyme called the 5-Lox enzyme that makes a body sore and uncomfortable.

There have been a lot of human clinical trials on both of these ingredients: they’re both well-absorbed, they’re both safe, they’re both nontoxic and they’ve been studied many times, head to head with drugs. It’s very, very reassuring. There’s a lot of confirmation that they really do work.

Here’s one of the ingredients, 5-Loxin. This was presented during a 90-day clinical trial on 75 patients with very sore knees. What they found out within the first week was that the 5-Loxin was improving their quality of life. They had more mobility, their knees were more flexible, they could bend them and walk up the stairs more comfortably and pain was decreased. When they looked at the different scores that they use in research that a doctor might not necessarily use because there’s a certain amount of time required to fill in these questions, the scores showed credibility to what we’re doing here. Is it relevant in a clinical sense or is it only meaningful to a statician? Does it really have an impact on someone’s health and on the comfort of their joint?

The two herbs we discussed both work differently, complementing each other’s benefits. Just one herb showed a 53 percent improvement in pain scores, according to the medical doctors and joint specialists, a 63 percent improvement in stiffness scores, a 50 percent improvement in the ability to walk and carry out the activities of daily living. This is all according to the clinician. When they asked the patients, the patients actually rated it as a 70 percent improvement. That’s just from one ingredient!

Bio-Curcumin & 5-Loxin

There are a lot of studies going on currently using the ingredients in this formula, the Bio-Curcumin and 5-Loxin. There are more studies on joint disease. There are studies on cervical cancer and on pre-cancerous lesions of the mouth, or what we call leukoplakia. There’s a lot going on, and there’s already a lot of published data. There are a lot of studies in legitimate medical journals. There are a number of studies now, in brain health and these two ingredients. For instance, they use it to decrease inflammation in the brain in patients.

Inflammation is part and parcel of the diseases we develop in the brain as we get older. You see this in former athletes, as I’d mentioned before. Former athletes get hit in the head, they have concussion; soccer players, hockey players, football players… anybody who’s had a number of concussions can benefit from this. Some of the brave soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan who’ve been hurt by those roadside bombs, or boxers, have seen that the Bio-Curcumin triggers healing in the spine and in the brain. It literally triggers healing and reduces inflammation and damage.

They’re doing all kinds of animal studies. When they use it in animals that have had a recent stroke or a spinal cord injury, it minimizes the size of the damage or size of the wound. One of the leading researchers in Alzheimer’s disease has chosen my Bio-Curcumin now for his study. They’re doing this year-long study in Australia on Alzheimer’s disease patients because one, he’s said it’s triggering healing in the brains of different species of animals with Alzheimer’s disease, two, it gets into the brain, three, he knows it’s absorbed by humans and four, he believes it’s going to have an impact.

There’s already been a different study where they used this in Alzheimer’s patients. It’s in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology which was published about a year ago. They did a six-month randomized placebo controlled state-of-the-art, gold standard study on Alzheimer’s patients. They gathered 60 Alzheimer’s patients and they gave them our Bio-Curcumin every day for six months. They had a really good result in this short amount of time. None of the patients on the Bio-Curcumin were getting any worse. The disease did not seem to be progressing. As importantly, the curcumin was getting into their brain at a high concentration and it was reversing the buildup of the Alzheimer’s protein. They said it cut the amount of Alzheimer’s protein in half in the brains of Alzheimer’s diseased humans.

When you have Alzheimer’s disease, you’re building up a protein in the brain. This is part of the disease. There are a number of components of the disease; it’s a very complex disease. This protein gets locked into the brain of Alzheimer’s patients. It cannot exit their brain. It gunks up the brain like tar, like if tar got into a car engine and their brain starts to unravel as they develop severe Alzheimer’s disease. When they took these 60 Alzheimer’s patients and they gave them my Bio-Curcumin, it was making the bad protein dissolve in their brai, effectively reducing it. It’s called A-beta or beta-amyloid protein, which is two different names for the same thing. It cut the amount of bad protein in their brain in half. We know it’s a great anti-inflammatory in the brain.

Recently they did a study of men with cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are kind of like a cousin of migraine headaches. It’s an inflammatory headache of the trigeminal nerve that radiates out and affects the blood vessels in the brain. The thing is it generally runs in men, and it’s generally on one side of the face. For some reason, it restricts itself to one side of the face. When they gave these men my 5-Loxin, it was decreasing their pain and decreasing the intensity and the frequency of their cluster headaches.

We know that these two ingredients are very protective in the brain. This is one reason why I take it; one of the few things that work in my body has been my brain all my life. I take two bio-curcumins every morning, and I give Bio-Curcumin to my wife every morning for the same reason. My wife went through menopause very early; it was surgically induced because she had a serious condition. When you go through menopause early, it’s no good for your brain. To protect her brain, every morning I give her Bio-Curcumin. I know it has many good effects on her. She’s hunched over on her computer all day, so it helps protect her cervical spine.

Let me tell you something: anybody with neck pain, cervical spine pain, lower back pain like the lumbar spine, anybody with sciatica, with hip pain or stiffness, an arthritic hip, with knee pain, an arthritic knee, shoulder pain, should know that Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin is incredibly beneficial and effective at lowering your pain and inflammation. Even recently they did a study in people with an eye disease causing them to developing cysts in the back of their eye, which is called Central Serous Chorioretinopathy. When they gave them Bio-Curcumin, it protected their vision.

It benefits the entire body, because the Bio-Curcumin attacks one type of inflammation, while the 5-Loxin attacks the other type, covering all the inflammation in the body. Because of that, it is so protective and supportive for the brain, for the eyes and for the lungs. There have been studies in lung disease, kidney patients, liver disease patients, those having problems in the joints and skin that support this. It just really is an entire package of health. For instance, when they used the Bio-Curcumin in patients with lupus, it was protecting their kidneys from getting damaged. When they gave boswellia, the 5-Loxin to patients with asthma, 70 percent of the patients with asthma went into remission. They barely had to use their inhalers. Their wheezing, the rattling in their lungs, the number of asthma attacks, shortness of breath, everything improved. It was easier for them to breathe. It improved their lung function because it tackles inflammation throughout the body. In diabetics, when they gave them curcumin it helped control their diabetes and it protected their pancreas, by the way. Their pancreas wasn’t burning out from the diabetes. It’s because it’s a total package; it protects you from inflammation throughout your entire body. They’ve done a number of studies in smokers. These ingredients cut down in the number of pre-cancerous cells in their colon. In animal models they were shrinking the xenograft tumors. In other words, they took human colon cancer and they transplanted it into lab animals; that’s called an allographic model. In the same spot where the colon cancer grew in people, when they gave them the 5-Loxin or the Bio-Curcumin, it was inhibiting the growth of the colon cancer. People with multiple myeloma, this terrible cancer of the bones, saw its effects slowing down. Smokers are prone to colon cancer and polyps, but within a month it got rid of 40 percent of all their precancerous cells in their colon. In patients with Barrett’s esophagus, a precancerous condition that you get in people with reflux disease or chronic heartburn, it strongly reduced the number of precancerous cells in their esophagus. It goes on and on. There are a number of studies including those for pancreatic cancer patients and breast cancer patients. It goes on and on.

Now, here’s what some of the clients have to say:

A lady named Flo was asking about some supplements for different conditions, for herself and some other people in her family. She emailed me that she had a Baker’s cyst. Would anything help her Baker’s cyst? I told her, “Not the supplements we already gave you, they’re for other conditions but I do think the bio-curcumin may help you.” I told her to take two capsules twice a day, two at breakfast and two with dinner. Now, a Baker’s cyst is this fluid deposit on the back of the knee. It’s because the patella (the joint of knee) was damaged and fluid is leaking out. Normally, what the doctor does with that is drain it with a needle, but it tends to come back. She asked me, “Is there anything that would help that?” Now, I’ve never seen a study with any supplement on Baker’s cysts, but I told her there’s a chance that because the Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin decreases inflammation in the knee, you’re not going to get that buildup of fluids. Here’s what she writes, a couple of weeks later: “I just wanted you to know that I’ve been using your product and my Baker’s cyst doesn’t bother me anymore. You said below it may help me. The back of my knee used to feel swollen, but not anymore. In less than a month, your product did wonders for me.” There you go: Baker’s cyst. That’s pretty darn dramatic.

Here’s Sorjean, very nice lady. I’ve never met her, but we’ve been going back and forth through my email. By the way, if you want to email me, it’s I probably get 30 emails a day from clients asking questions. On June 4th, she says, “I emailed you regarding severe pain that I had from a herniated disk in my neck. I followed your recommendations, and I am pain-free as of now. I still continue to take the Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin and the hyaluronic acid with devil’s claw.” She goes on to thank me.

Here’s another one: “Dear Mr. Hickey. Thanks for responding personally. I listen almost every morning to your program. I was referring to Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin which improved my pain and movements in my trigger fingers. The improvement made me believe in the integrity of your products and advice.” Trigger finger is inflammation of the tendon in your finger and it makes the finger bend like you’re pulling a trigger. In fact, it was just yesterday I had a lady come in and see me and she said she was getting a trigger finger in her thumb. Her thumb was rolling up, it was curving. I put her on the supplement and within a couple of weeks it totally went away.

This is Bea: “One month ago I sent you an email regarding my mom, who is 80 years old and a Type 1 diabetic. She was suffering from costochondritis…,” it’s a severe inflammation of the cartilage and connective tissue, “and she was in severe pain. You responded and said to take the following: Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin two capsules twice a day with meals, breakfast and dinner. Thank you.” And…okay, where does she say it now? “Thanks to you and the above, her condition has greatly improved. I also gave her the hyaluronic acid with devil’s claw.”

Here’s another: “I have a herniated disk, sciatica and degenerative osteoarthritis.” This person has a real pain from the spine that’s radiating out and going down the nerves of her legs. Her name is Joan, she’s in Astoria. Here’s what else she writes. “I have had numerous epidural injections, which barely gave me any relief from the pain.” Now, an epidural, folks, is an injection into the spine. “I still have to take pain prescriptions. I started on the Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin two daily, and have less pain, better range of motion and better strength. I was amazed.”

I’ll read you one more: “Dear Mr. Hickey. Please note that I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for months. I used ibuprofen, which gave me some relief, until it wore off.” Folks, that’s because ibuprofen only lasts about four hours, then you have to take it again. This is Brian in New York City, by the way. “I decided to use your Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin exclusively. After one week the pain vanished and never returned. I use the Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin now just as a preventative. Thank you for all your great work.”


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InViteHealth Product Spotlight
Bio-Curcumin®/ 5-Loxin™
InVite Health

What are Bio-Curcumin® and 5-Loxin™?
Turmeric (aka Curcumin) is the brownish herb in curry that has so many benefits. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant herb useful for inflammation and tenderness, but Turmeric is difficult to absorb. Bio-Curcumin® is a vastly more absorbable version of Turmeric with up to 8 times greater bioavailability. Human clinical trials show that Bio-Curcumin® lasts much longer in our body giving a more sustained benefit. Boswellia serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense, is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb with a long history of use in India and throughout Asia. Boswellia is very useful for soothing joints, the shoulder, neck, back and even the intestinal tract. The most powerful constituent in Boswellia is AKBA and 5-Loxin™ is a powerfully concentrated version of AKBA. Published research supports 5-Loxin™'s ability to greatly inhibit the actions of harmful enzymes that break down cartilage. Further research conducted at Ohio State, Georgetown and Creighton Universities show strong evidence that 5-Loxin™ is instrumental in inhibiting inflammation, swelling and discomfort throughout the body.

  • May improve joint protection and comfort
  • May improve the comfort of the entire body especially for individuals who suffer with issues in the neck, back, shoulder and hips
  • May support the health of irritated ligaments, ten- dons, bursitis, or sciatica and other irritated tissues
  • May improve mobility and comfort for walking
  • May improve comfort and protection for the intestines of individuals with Crohn's disease or colitis with enhanced benefit and protection for the intestinal tract
  • Powerful antioxidant protection for the liver and kidneys
  • Good antioxidant for maintaining brain health in aging individuals
  • May improve the health of irritated lungs and may benefit individuals with asthma, bronchitis and emphysema
  • May be beneficial protection for the colon, helping to protect it from dangerous cellular changes
  • May benefit individuals with eczema or psoriaisis
  • Convenient twice a day dosing
  • 100% natural vegetarian formula in a vegetarian Vcaps® capsule
  • Increased bioavailability with better absorption
  • Longer duration of activity in the body
  • Ingredients individually supported by human clinical trials
  • 100% non-GMO and pesticide-free Pharmaceutical Grade standardized Curcuminon
  • Pharmaceutical Grade pure non-GMO pesticide free 5-Loxin™
  • Provides the most beneficial ingredients of the two strongest herbs for individuals with inflammation in the most absorbable form
  • 100% natural herb extract
  • Made using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)


Dear Mr Hickey, please note that I have had chronic neck & shoulder pain for months. I decided to use your Bio-Curcumin/5-Loxin exclusively. After 1 week the pain vanished never returned. I use the Bio-Curcumin/5-loxin now and just as a preventative. Thanks for all your good work.

New York, NY

I have been a ballerina since age 3. I am now 23 and dance professionally. I have had discomfort and pain especially in my knees for years. I started taking InVite’s Joint Hx® and Bio-curcumin/5-Loxin after only 3 days I noticed the inflammation subsiding. After approximately 2 weeks I really felt a greater difference in mobility and flexibility in my joints.

Fairfax, VA

I had a very bad back pain last year from shoveling snow. Jerry suggested Bio-Curcumin 5-loxin. The pain went away, unbelievable! I used it during the storm and I have no back pain.

Brentwood, NY

I had terrible pain in my back and spine. The sales associate at your 72nd store suggested I try Bio- curcumin/5-Loxin. I took 2 capsules after breakfast my pain was greatly reduced. I can’t believe how well it works. I recommend this product highly to my friends and family. Thank you for this fine product.

New York, NY

I take Hyaluronic Acid/ Devils Claw 3 times a day, Bio-Curcumin/5-Loxin two capsules two times a day Inflammune two capsules two times a day along with my Chiropractic care. Relief came within the first week of protocol with improvement daily.

Somers, NY

Several days ago my eyes hurt, burned and were dry. I almost couldn’t open them. I took Fish Oil and Bio-Curcumin. I have taken Fish Oil for years, but the addition of Biocurcumin/5-Loxin made all the difference. Within 5 days my eyes were well, amazing!

Sinton, Tx®

I have a disc problem that gives me lower back pain quite frequently. I have tried many other things, but nothing helped until I tried InVite Health Bio-curcumin/5-Loxin. I used it 2 times per day, 3 days after I got some relief.

Brooklyn, NY

I have been suffering from severe back pain for a while now. After using your Bio Curcumin/5-Loxin for 4-5 weeks my pain is gone completely. Thanks to InVite Health for helping my severe pain.

Brooklyn, NY

My family and I love to cook and bake fresh and delicious foods. Taking care of our health is of optimal importance. So, when a year of pain and discomfort, at best, became a regular daily experience in my knees/joints, I became very concerned. Adjusting diet and supplements didn’t provide much relief. After listening to one of Invites radio segments, I heard about a product that was new to me at the time, but now is a part of my daily routine, Bio-Curcumin 5-Loxin. For me the results were dramatic. Swelling down around knees flexibility in knee/joint, restored. Most of all the pain isn’t there. I noticed a difference in two days. What I love best is that this product helped restore my quality of life!

Forest Hills, NY

Bio-curcumin/5 Loxin takes the edge of lumber disc pain. I have been taking it daily for over a year. It is great because it doesn’t burn a whole in my stomach the way aspirin did.


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Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin®

This highly absorbable herbal combination, one of InVite®'s most popular supplements, of Bio-Curcumin® & 5-Loxin® supports the body’s everyday inflammatory response and hinders normal, aging-related aches and pains.

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