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B12-Active, 30 Sublinguals




B12-Active, 30 Sublinguals

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B12-Active, 30 Sublinguals

Methylcobalamine is the bioactive form of vitamin B12. Methylcobalamine has been shown to target nervous tissue efficiently, improving the synthesis of neurotransmitters and nucleic acids. As with all B12, it also contributes to the health of red blood cell. Though vitamin B12 is best known for its role in producing energy, B12=Active 30 Sublinguals promote cardiovascular health, may assist the body in breaking down amino acids and fatty acids, provide support to nerve cells and growth and may assist in producing healthy blood cells.*

Suggested Usage: Chew and dissolve 1 tablet in mouth daily before swallowing, or as recommended by a health practitioner.

Each tablet of B=12 Active contains 1 mg of vitamin B-12. B-12 Active Sublinguals are kosher, vegetarian, and free of corn, dairy, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat and yeast.

Additional Product Information:

  • Our B12-Active 30 Sublinguals is not intended to treat or remediate any medical condition.
  • Consult your personal health practitioner if pregnant, nursing or lactating before taking this or any homeopathic products.

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B12-Active, 30 Sublinguals

B12-Active, 30 Sublinguals

Methylcobalamine is the bioactive form of vitamin B12.

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