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Natural Supplements to Decrease Food Cravings and Lose Weight


Weight Management

by: Jerry Hickey, R. Ph.

Healthy Tips from our Scientific Director - Weight Loss

Research shows that taking a protein supplement after a meal helps you feel satiated. This curbing of your appetite decreases craving for food. Imparting a feeling of satiation improves the success of any diet plan. Additionally, staying on a post meal protein supplement has been shown to help dieters keep the weight off successfully months after dieting is over and in fact they often continue to loose some additional weight. Your choice of protein can offer additional benefits. Choosing a New Zealand source milk protein isolate or high quality whey protein may be the best choice if you need to improve the building of bone. These two proteins also supply the ingredients used by your body to create an incredibly protective antioxidant known as glutathione which benefits the entire body. Glutathione is involved with organ protection, detoxification, and immune system health. Choosing a non-genetically modified soybean derived protein also improves satiety, protects bone health, and may help lower your cholesterol modestly.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Starch and Carb Neutralizer, 60 C.

Item #: MAR922 - Retail Price: $49.95

Phase 2 supplies a concentrated extract derived from the white kidney bean. This extract attaches to starch digesting enzymes effectively decreasing the absorption of sugar calories from carbohydrates. Published human clinical trials show that taking two Phase 2 capsules twice a day about 15 minutes before meals effectively lowers weight by decreasing the absorption of calories from carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, carrots, and potatoes. Additional published clinical trials show that Phase 2 slows gastric emptying time (the amount of time food takes to move from the stomach to the intestines) aiding the ability of diabetics to control their blood sugar levels (this should also assist pre-diabetics).

CLA 1000MG

Item #: HIC0087 - Retail Price: $39.95

CLA is an improved version of an essential fatty acid shown to help reduce body fat on the waistline and the thighs. InVite® uses only Tonalin CLA; the form derived from safflower oil that is used in published human clinical studies. The research shows that CLA reduces body fat by decreasing the amount of fat your body stores on the waistline and on the thighs. CLA helps you burn fat while maintaining muscle (just the opposite of most diets) by helping your body burn calories more efficiently. CLA helps prevent fat cells from refilling with fat, so you maintain your leaner look. Our team of medical doctors and nutritionists has found that the best result for weight loss is a dosage of two CLA capsules 3 times a day with meals.

Green Tea Tx™

Item #: HIC0065 - Retail Price: $27.95

Green Tea Tx™ liquid drops supplies green tea antioxidants, primarily it’s most important polyphenol known as EGCG in a powerful concentrate without the caffeine. Our Green Tea liquid is kosher, organic, and is alcohol and calorie free. Green Tea improves the burning of fat and a number of studies show that it can burn two-hundred to three-hundred additional calories per day simply by taking it and it accomplishes this burning of fat preferentially to burning muscle. Typically for weight loss we advise using two droppers two or three times a day in water with meals. Taking Green Tea before exercise improves metabolism and helps the body burn additional fat.

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