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Replenish Nutrients for Skin Care on the Inside and Outside


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Replenish Nutrients for Beauty on the Inside and Outside

Written by Allison Menor, BS

Beauty is something that is always best achieved from the inside out; especially as we age and certain nutrients become depleted. That’s when the available pool of circulating antioxidants that would normally be available to protect and rejuvenate the skin has diminished and isn’t what it used to be. Replenishing nutrients from the inside can have a powerful anti-aging impact on the outside.

It’s almost a conundrum but swallowing antioxidants has a better effect for rejuvenating the skin than applying them directly. This is because choosing a well absorbed-soluble antioxidant allows it to migrate through the circulatory system permeating through and nourishing the skin better when swallowed than when rubbed on.

The skin has 3 layers and the outermost – the one you see that is called the epidermis - actually consists of five layers of its own. Swallowing a nutrient penetrates these layers from the inside out but rubbing it on often doesn’t work effectively on its own. The innermost layer of the epidermis is where visible skin is made and it takes two-weeks for it to migrate its way out to the surface; by then its cells are usually spent. Swallowing the correct antioxidants nourishes these inner layers as they work their way outwards so that they retain vibrancy and look younger when they become visible.

Unhealthy habits especially smoking, consuming a poor diet is lacking in nutrients, inclement weather, stress, and harmful UV rays from the sun over time cause harm to the skin. However, just as easily as those unhealthy habits may cause damage, a healthy routine can work to prevent that damage from recurring. Here at InVite®, we can help you establish a new health regimen, from the inside out, that will help you both look and feel young and revitalized.


Collagen is the primary protein in connective tissue and is present in joint, bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle, and in hair, skin, and nails. Collagen works by directly targeting age-related issues that would normally seem impossible. As we age, we start to experience bone and cartilage loss mostly around the mouth and nose. This will often cause our skin to lose elasticity and leave a ‘skeleton-like’ appearance. Collagen not only replenishes, but also helps the body produce more collagen, allowing your skin to restore its youthful appearance. That is why Collagen is so commonly used in several plastic surgery treatments to plump skin and remove the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Numerous clinicalstudies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of hydrolyzed collagen – collagen where its units have been broken down to improve digestion and absorption. One study published in the Archives of Dermatological Research found that 10 grams of oral hydrolyzed collagen per day for 60 days improved the skin's ability to absorb moisture, making it look healthier and controlling the appearance of wrinkles. Supplementing with a high-quality type-2 hydrolyzed collagen twice a day in a liquid will keep your skin looking tight and healthy.

Red Berries and Antioxidants

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, the color pigmentation is often the healthiest aspect. The more vibrant the fruit is in color, the more nutrients it contains. Berries are some of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. Moreover, other antioxidants like Resveratrol, and carotenoids like Lycopene, Lutein and Astaxanthin are also found in berries.

So how can red-pigmented berries help you with your skin health? These plant pigments travel through our body to reach the skin and function as antioxidants by improving its look and health. The antioxidants found in berries are known to help improve collagen production, as well. Specific berries are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, riboflavin, and soluble and insoluble fiber as well, which are all crucial nutrients for skin health. Recent studies even show that these antioxidants are also known to protect the skin from UV damage, the number one cause of wrinkling and aging of the skin.

Cocoa Powder

Superior Cocoa formulations are commonly recommended to support cardiovascular health. But the inclusion of fortified kiwi fruit and black raspberry antioxidants are both rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants that will help combat unhealthy free radicals, which may in turn delay the onset of aging. Studies have shown that Kiwi extract works to protect our genes and DNA and actually slows the aging process at the gene level. Cocoa will also protect and rejuvenate the skin improving hydration and the skin's texture, density, and elasticity, reducing laxity, discoloration and improving the appearance and health of the skin. Recent research has shown that black raspberries may even yield possible skin protective activities, helping to minimize mutations caused by the suns dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is jam-packed with high levels of very powerful and beneficial antioxidants, with shocking protective properties. The important ingredients that are found in Grape Seed are called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins or OPCs; these are complexes of flavonoids-polyphenols that have been proven to have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and ant allergic activities.

The sagging and wrinkling of the skin is often the result of long-term free radical damage typically caused by sun exposure but also by smoking. Women specifically are always searching for new ways to prevent and treat this issue. Grape Seed Extract works to repair damaged skin by strengthening and protecting cell structures from the oxidative stress of free radicals generated by the sun or smoking. Grape Seed Extract even influences Vitamin C and Collagen production in our bodies, which will also assist us in rejuvenating already aging skin.

Grape Seed Extract is an incredibly safe and effective supplement that promotes cell health and skin elasticity, making it seem more youthful, in a process that works almost like a natural face-lift. Grape seed extract is an anti-aging superstar that should be incorporated into everyone’s daily routine.


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