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Inflammation Fighters to Improve Joint Health


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Inflammation Fighters to Improve Joint Health

Written by Scientific Director and Pharmacist Jerry Hickey

Purposeful, specific inflammation is a necessary to fight infection and to remove the body’s damaged tissue in order to allow healing. But when inflammation is not brought on by infection or damaged tissue, you've got a problem.

Causes of Inflammation

There are many causes of inflammation, including taking medication. Everyone has had some form of inflammatory condition leading to pain. When the tough chord of tissue connecting muscle to bone (tendons) become inflamed, it is called tendonitis. When the little sacs, called bursa, that cushion and reduce friction between bone and skin or a joint and tendon become inflamed, it is a very painful condition called bursitis. Various other forms of inflammation crop up in the neck, shoulder, lower back, on the sciatic nerve (sciatica) and virtually anywhere else in the body.

You need to know about this powerful herb, Turmeric

Good news! Nutrition can really help diffuse the situation, unraveling the various immune system messengers that become confused and damaged in the inflammatory process; aah – you have achieved gentle relief. Here's how.

Turmeric, a powerful herb, is native to India and is a major constituent in curry. Turmeric is proving its success in suppressing inflammation in numerous human clinical trials. It greatly supports the digestive tract, protects the skin, lungs, liver and kidneys, and many tissues that may causes you to suffer from pain when they become inflamed. Yet, the active ingredients in Turmeric, collectively known as Curcuminoids, are notoriously difficult for us to absorb, meaning we need to swallow large amounts to achieve less than stellar results.


This has all changed with the introduction of Bio-Curcumin®; Curcumin is the ingredient in the plant. Bio-Curcumin® is a technological breakthrough improving the absorption of Curcumin significantly, with studies showing 7 to 8 time’s greater bioavailability. Human clinical trials also show that Bio-Curcumin® lasts much longer in our body.


5-LOXIN ™ is another technological breakthrough in the science of naturally improving inflammation; thus helping restore comfort and mobility. 5-LOXIN™ is a new, patented joint health ingredient derived from the herb Boswellia serrata. Dried extracts of the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree have been used in India since antiquity to treat inflammatory conditions.

Human clinical studies have shown Boswellia’s benefits in restoring comfort and improving mobility and walking distance in individuals with leg discomfort. Boswellia has also improved inflammatory conditions of the intestinal tract. Boswellia contains a family of anti-inflammatory constituents called boswellic acids. Modern science has identified the most powerful boswellic acid compound.

Published research supports 5-LOXIN™’s efficacy in studies of inflammation. The studies also show 5-LOXIN™ helps inhibit the action of enzymes that break down cartilage and connective tissues. Researchers at Ohio State, Georgetown, and Creighton University screened for genes that stimulate inflammation and pain. They identified 522 of these genes after inspecting the entire human genome. Of these inflammatory genes, 113 were protected by 5-LOXIN™. Additionally, 5-LOXIN™ was shown to inhibit the release of MMP enzymes; these enzymes selectively destroy structural proteins such as collagen and cartilage. Most strikingly, however, the release of molecules involved in attracting white blood cells to the area where these cells trigger inflammation, swelling and pain, was significantly inhibited by 5-LOXIN™.

Bio-Curcumin® with 5-Loxin™ is great for uncomplicated discomfort that arises in the back, neck, and shoulder. It also benefits bursitis, tendonitis, and even sciatica. Most of all it benefits you by improving your comfort and mobility.


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