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Health and Beauty Spotlight

Written by Scientific Director and Pharmacist Jerry Hickey

Using the InVite® skin care line may be the first time you apply creams and lotions that fulfill your expectations; they genuinely work and it’s not just about putting the “good stuff” in each formula but it is equally important to keep the “bad stuff” out - InVite®’s specialty.

The ingredients in our skin care line are non-GMO, very pure, free of contaminants, are non-comedogenic (will not block pores), and supply age-defying, skin-soothing herbs and antioxidants. We have achieved the same standard of quality for our oral care PerioDental® line, our Baby Care formulas, and our Hair and Foot Care products.

These products do not contain parabens, petroleum, colorants, fragrance, sulfates or benzoic acid.

COMING SOON! Cinnamon Bark Tooth Polish with Activated Charcoal

After formulating and testing our new Cinnamon Bark Tooth Polish with Activated Coconut Charcoal, I am confident in stating that once you use this product, you will feel, see, and taste the difference and will likely not want to use any other toothpaste. Other toothpastes may smell nice, commonly using artificial ingredients to obtain that minty flavor. But what good is that if your teeth are still yellow and gritty?

Charcoal toothpaste binds to everything in its path like stains, tartar, and bacteria. Our Cinnamon Bark Tooth Polish really cleans and polishes your teeth, while improving their coloring within the first week. Our Activated Coconut Charcoal is highly purified and has a very fine grain which, when combined with Hydrated Silica, is a much better tooth whitener than the calcium carbonate ingredient frequently used in whiteners. It helps remove wine, tea, and tobacco resins that stain your teeth.

Your gums will feel better too; Spearmint, Menthol and Xylitol combine with Cinnamon Oil and Cinnamon Bark Powder to soothe gums and for fresher breath, while improving oral microbial balance. Coconut Charcoal absorbs toxins from puffy, irritated gum tissue. Apple cider vinegar contains the natural but mild constituents acetic and malic acid that help to control bacteria in the mouth associated with bad breath.


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