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Extramel SOD: A Superhero Among Antioxidants


extramel sod

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Extramel SOD: A Superhero Among Antioxidants

Written By Nicole Crane, B.S., NTP

I found a small pipe lying on the ground in my backyard. It was old, discolored and brittle. Years of rain, sun and exposure caused it to rust. That rust is caused by oxidation. With every breath, we expose ourselves to this same oxygen. Biochemically speaking, its’ a double-edged sword. What breathes life into our bodies will eventually cause damage. Oxidative damage occurs as a byproduct of energy use. A little oxidation is healthy. However, when our available pool of antioxidants (the antidotes to oxidation) are in decline, the situation can potentially become dangerous. Oxygen-free radicals literally strip the electrons out of tissues in our heart, brain, eyes and other tissues. Oxidative damage has been linked to some degree to most, if not all, disease processes including heart disease, heart attack and stroke, dementia, nerve damage and diabetes.

How to Protect Your Body Against Damaging Free Radicals

Powerful antioxidants are the solution that help restore normalcy to cellular and metabolic functions, supporting health at the molecular level. When we have enough antioxidants, we’re protected from damaging free radicals looking to “steal” parts of our cells away. When antioxidants are present, free radicals get broken down and stabilized, and cannot damage our body parts. Antioxidants are the “superheroes” of our body, and one in particular, SOD, is the lead hero!

What is SOD?

The name says it all – SOD stands for SuperOxide Dismutase, and it is an enzyme that breaks down superoxide. Superoxide free radical is a byproduct of oxygen metabolism (energy use), and if not regulated, causes many types of damage to our tissue. However, our cells release Superoxide Dismutase - it’s their way of protecting themselves. SOD’s ability to neutralize free radical damage and diffuse the inflammation that follows is one of our strongest weapons against aging and disease.

"I found a small pipe lying on the ground in my backyard. It was old, discolored and brittle. Years of rain, sun and exposure caused it to rust. That rust is caused by oxidation."

Previously, SOD supplements were available, but they contained gluten from wheat. Gluten is difficult to digest for many people, and for some, it’s even toxic. In general, even those who are not gluten-sensitive feel better when they limit gluten intake. The next generation of SOD supplements, called Extramel, is derived from melon and free of gluten. This makes it an ideal supplement to help support optimal health without any limiting factors.

Research Studies on SOD

Research on Extramel SOD reveals widespread benefits. Several studies have demonstrated the intriguing link between stress which causes oxidative damage – this results in aches and pains, fatigue and sleep issues. In a 2009 study, a dose of 140 SOD units (10 mg) was shown to significantly reduce the signs and symptoms of perceived stress and fatigue by 30% among people who felt daily stress. Within a short time, just four-weeks, the study participants felt better and more energetic, had fewer aches and pains, were sleeping better, and had improved focus and mood. Stress impacts digestion, immunity, inflammatory responses, brain chemistry, memory function, and metabolism due to its effects on many biochemical pathways. By supporting the cells’ ability to withstand stress with SOD, the body benefits as a whole.

In a more recent study in 2014, Extramel SOD was shown to reduce feelings of stress and also improve cognitive function by nearly 14% with a long lasting effect. This is particularly significant because the placebo effect in the control group lasted just 7 days. SOD protects us from stress-induced physical damage, which can deplete the very same nutrients we need to respond adequately to stress.

Supplementing with SOD to reduce oxidative stress and eliminating the oxidative damage that accompanies it has a powerful impact on the rate of aging. SOD plays a vital role in slowing aging when someone has chronic stress. This stress can be mental, physical or due to the environment. Oxidative damage has the potential to damage our tissues and organs severe enough to kill the cell. When many cells perish at once, the rate of aging is accelerated. Oxidative damage is physically stressful on the body, which compounds mental stress and diminishes energy and normal coping mechanisms. With a steady intake of SOD, the cells have a “superhero” defender to essentially martyr itself to protect us from cellular damage. Considering the amount of stress the average person feels, and also the amount of oxygen we are exposed to, SOD helps us age slower and potentially live longer.

When stress or just life in general starts to chip away at your vitality, choose Extramel SOD to help your body and mind not just to survive, but to thrive.


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