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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: Phosphatidylserine


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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: Phosphatidylserine

Written By Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Jerry Hickey

Chief Scientific Officer
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Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of Invite Health. He has spent his professional life analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the highest quality and most natural nutraceuticals for user’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of Phosphatidylserine…

We’re going to talk about a brain health nutrient now. It’s considered completely safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and there are about 2 ounces of it in your body, with 1 ounce residing in your brain. That’s how important it is for your brain. And it’s one of the reasons why eating fish is good for your brain because the ingredients in the fish interact with this nutrient. It’s not in the fish really, but the fish oils interact with this nutrient and suck it into the brain cells and it makes the brain cells work again. It’s called Phosphatidylserine.

So 60% of your brain is made out of lipids, which is another name for fats. A very important fat in your brain is called phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine levels drop with age. This supplement has been clinically proven to support cognitive functions. It can also help promote focus and concentration. It’s something that’s good for students and it’s also good for stress, which is pretty amazing. It’s pretty amazing that one supplement in the brain can do so much.†

Here is some research from the University of Sherbrooke up in Quebec, Canada. They show that there is a drop in Phosphatidylserine in the aging brain. It’s in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s not an Alzheimer’s study, it’s just a study showing it really is a cocktail of nutrients that are important for the aging brain to help support normal memory functions. And they’ve shown that as the brain ages, Phosphatidylserine levels naturally drop. This affects the health of the memory banks of the brain.† 

Here’s a study from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in a journal called Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders. Over the course of 15 weeks, they took 157 people who were older and starting to develop some memory issues. They gave them the supplement and also made sure they were either eating fish or taking fish oils. They found that the combination of the supplement and the nutrients from the fish helped support patients’ memory and cognitive performance.† 

Here’s another one from The Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences. For three months, they gave elderly patients who had typical cognitive decline and memory issues doses of Phosphatidylserine. They found that the supplement helped support their overall brain health, as well as their memory.†

Here’s another study from Angelo State University. They took a group of their athletes in this college and gave them Phosphatidylserine. They found that, within two weeks, the supplement had supported focus and brain function in these athletes. I have people coming in all the time and telling me, “My kid has a little trouble focusing; he’s not paying attention in school”. So I give them a cocktail of nutrients, two or three things that are really good for their focus. Phosphatidylserine is chief among those whether in high school, in college or for somebody who is going for their Master’s Degree online or they’re going back to medical school or law school.† 

Here’s another one, these are 60 kids who have trouble sitting still. Their focus is off and it’s stressing out their parents. And by the way, a very large study that was just done on 200 kids shows that it is extremely safe for little kids. That’s why the FDA has approved it for everyone. They gave 60 kids aged 8 to 13 the supplement. They also made sure they were getting fish or fish oils. They found that the combination of the supplement and the nutrients from fish supported the children’s attention and ability to focus.†

And here’s another study from the European Journal of Psychiatry. They gave Phosphatidylserine to 200 kids. Over a 30-week period, they found that the supplement helped promote focus. 

Here’s a study of 60 healthy men in their 50s. These were chronically stressed out and fatigued men. They supplemented them with this nutrient, which helped promote healthy stress and cortisol levels. That’s important.

I’m going to read you some of the letters that our clients have written to us:

Here’s Martin in Brooklyn. He's been on this nutrient for a year. “Your Phosphatidylserine has improved my memory and my concentration. Being a budget manager and working with numbers all the time, it has helped a great deal.”

Here’s Bernita in Newark, New Jersey. She’s been on this nutrient for two months. “This product has greatly helped me with my ability to handle stress and feelings of anxiety.”

Here’s Martha in New York. She says, “You said that this would be helpful at night for people with an excess of cortisol. I have a very high stress job and other symptoms of too much cortisol. So I started taking the Phosphatidylserine at night and now get to sleep quickly and comfortably. A very big thank you for that.”


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