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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: L-Carnosine Plus Hx


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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: Macula Advanced

Written By Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Jerry Hickey

Chief Scientific Officer
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Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of InVite Health. He has spent his professional career analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the most natural and highest quality nutraceuticals for the customer’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of L-Carnosine.

L-Carnosine defends an aging brain very efficiently and very powerfully. It’s natural to the human body, but levels drop with age. We have these tiny blood vessels in the brain. What happens with them is called microvascular circulation, and the vessels themselves are called capillaries. They’re so small that they’re only the width of one red blood cell. Only one red blood cell can fit in your capillary at a time. Capillaries are extremely important for supplying a lot of our tissues. You can’t get arteries and veins deep into tissues. They’re not going to fit because they’re too big, and supply too much blood at once. So, you need something much smaller to squeeze into your organs and tissues. These are called capillaries and they feed your muscles. Capillaries come out of the arteries in the heart and feed the heart as well. There are little tiny capillaries going all over your heart muscle that feed it oxygen and nutrition and CoQ10 and all these wonderful things. There are tiny little blood vessels at the base of the spine that are called the blood-brain barrier.†

At the base of your spine, you have a thick protective filter that consists of millions of these capillaries, wrapping in and out of each other. These twisting, turning, tiny little blood vessels have to retain their health, their resistance and all their ability to work, otherwise harmful chemicals can escape into the brain. So, these capillaries are at the base of the spine and work to keep nasty chemicals and bacteria out of your brain. Imagine if the bacteria from your feces got into your brain – it would eat your brain! That’s what bacteria does. When people get pneumonia, the bacterium is actually consuming parts of their lung. That’s what’s happening when you develop these severe infections.†

"L-Carnosine is an excellent antioxidant for an aging brain and vision because it helps nourish and protect the capillaries and the blood vessels."

So, at the base of your spine you have this network of millions of capillaries, these tiny, fragile blood vessels that protect the brain. You have arteries in the neck that break off into veins, smaller blood vessels that break off into capillaries. And these capillaries feed every little part of the brain. L-Carnosine helps shield these capillaries. As you get older, you start to develop capillary fragility, which is a natural part of aging. Just like in the rest of the body, these capillaries get a little bit weaker. L-Carnosine is an effective antioxidant in the capillaries that supports their integrity; it keeps you nice and strong so you’ll have good circulation in your brain.†

L-Carnosine is an excellent antioxidant for an aging brain because it helps nourish and protect the capillaries and the blood vessels in the brain, as well as in the eyes. The other thing with L-Carnosine, besides being a terrific antioxidant for the aging brain, is that it’s a wonderful antioxidant for the kidneys. It helps support kidney function.†

Beyond that, L-carnosine helps support the skin. They did this wonderful study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment in July of 2011. A company called Innovative Vision Products did the research down in the county of New Castle in Delaware. They gave it to people with wrinkled skin and over the course of six months it helped promote overall skin health.†

Beyond that, it also supports your muscles. We have a number of elite athletes that I put on carnosine, people who are professional boxers. People who play basketball, football, hockey, all kinds of martial arts, people who run triathlons, etc. We have all kinds of athletes that I put on it because carnosine helps support muscle function.†


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