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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: InVite Multivitamins


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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.:InVite Multivitamins

Written By Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Jerry Hickey

Chief Scientific Officer
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InVite Multivitamins

Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of Invite Health. He has spent his professional life analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the highest quality and most natural nutraceuticals for user’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of Invite Health multivitamins…

There’s a lot of protection in a high quality multivitamin. We have people writing us a week after they start the supplement saying that already they’re feeling great energy. People tell us not the first day, but certainly by the second or the third day. People will contact us and say, “You know what? It’s unbelievable. It’s the first multivitamin I ever took where I feel energy.” There are no stimulants in it. It’s just a really well-made, intelligently combined multivitamin. So, when you get all these antioxidants and nutrients for the body, the body can take care of itself. It can heal and maintain and it recharges and you get more energetic. So, it’s not like a 10-hour energy shot. You know, one of those goofy drinks that people shouldn’t be drinking. It’s something that should be core to you as you’re reinstalling nutrients that the body uses to create energy. The supplement can help support energy and mood. When you get the right nutrients for the brain it can do its housekeeping and maintenance and create the things it’s supposed to create like all the neurochemicals you need for sleep at night and waking up in the morning and thinking and remembering and planning. So, customers are reporting, “I feel more energy, I feel calmer, I feel happier, I feel more focused, I feel more centered,” those are the kind of reports we’re getting.†

First of all, we use amazing technology in the supplement. We always use the highest quality technology. We actually use robotic technology to create this. There’s no human hand that touches this capsule. It’s unbelievable. All the liquids are mixed together in an oxygen-free room. The oxygen is pushed out of the room. Then, the robot shoots the liquid into the capsule and it seals the capsule with a spray of fine water, and that capsule is made of vegetable. It has a tight weave that keeps those ingredients clean and fresh. And that’s Pfizer-created technology. It improves the absorption of these very important nutrients that support the eyes and the brain and the breast tissue and your bones.†

We actually study the technology with Cornell and the research shows that this technology is superb for improving absorption. We use a number of ingredients for these multi’s that have been used in human clinical trials that have been published in medical journals. For instance, the CoQ10 we use is from Kaneka and has been used in human clinical trials for heart health and for exercise. The lycopene we use has been used in studies for skin, for protecting the skin from the sun and wrinkling. Lycopene is a very powerful agent for that by the way, for supporting the heart and the prostate. Lutein is in there as well, which can help promote skin, breast, and prostate health. The luteins in there have been used in eye studies and the Tocomin tocotrienols have been used in multiple human clinical trials. The Tocomin tocotrienols that we use in the multivitamins have been in over 50 human clinical trials, trials with the hair follicle, trials with the brain, trials with the carotid arteries, keeping the arteries in the neck clean, trials of the skin, trials of helping maintain healthy cholesterol, as an antioxidant in the vascular system. So, there are great ingredients in this multi. Everything we use is high quality. There’s nothing we skimp on. Even the things used to fill the capsule are extremely high quality.†

"There’s a difference in the characteristics, the quality and the abilities of each ingredient in InVite Multivitamins."

Let me give you an explanation. I’m going to talk about jewelry as an explanation; you could go to a jewelry store and get a cheap 18-carat gold necklace and you could go to another jewelry store and it will cost you 20% more. How come? It’s because there’s a difference in the 18-carat gold. Solid gold I believe is 24 carat. So, when they make an 18-carat piece of gold jewelry, they have to add something to it. So, a lot of times, they’ll use something cheap like nickel. Now, what’s the problem with that? It looks the same; it looks like the other gold, so what’s the problem? You can’t fix that one. If you fix it, it could get damaged. So, if you have to shorten the necklace or something, it could get damaged. Whereas the other jewelry store, instead of mixing it with nickel, they mix that gold with silver. So, that could be worked again and again and again, so that jewelry is much higher quality jewelry. It’s the same with supplements. It’s not just what’s on the label. You can’t just say lycopene because synthetic lycopene exists. It has to be a natural lycopene. The studies show that the synthetic lycopene doesn’t stabilize your cholesterol. In other words, cholesterol can go bad, it can go rancid. Any fat can. When they give people synthetic lycopene, it doesn’t stabilize the cholesterol; the cholesterol oxidizes. That’s very bad for your heart and your arteries and your brain.† 

So, there’s a difference in the characteristics and the quality and the abilities of each ingredient to protect you. We only use the highest quality ingredients. But then, we say, “Hey, we had to use something to hold the tablet together or we had to use something to fill up the capsule, so the capsule doesn’t squash when we manufacture it.” There are no genetically modified oils or anything. We don’t use any garbage like that. We don’t get the ingredients from places you don’t want the ingredients from, and we get it from really high quality places like the United States and Switzerland and France and Brazil and Australia and Canada and New Zealand. Even the capsule itself, we use the highest quality, and then, we use the highest quality technology. Everything that’s in these multis is high quality; there’s no cutting corners.† 

A study from the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology showed that by taking a multivitamin, you can boost your mood and energy levels. They found when people took a high potency multivitamin and mineral with the inclusion of antioxidants, it supported their mood and energy. That's very plausible. When you gather all your vitamins and your minerals, everything starts to work better, which can improve your energy. There are things in the multivitamin, like vitamin D and like B vitamins that are needed for energy. And vitamin E and vitamin C that protect physical health. Your physical strength, it doesn't deteriorate over time. But then when you add the antioxidants, that calms everything down. When you calm down free radicals in the brain, you're generally happier. When you have a lot of free radicals in the brain and the brain is inflamed, nothing is working properly. When you give the brain antioxidants, you calm down part of the storm. It's not the total answer, but it's a big part of the answer. For the brain to work properly, you need the mineral magnesium, you need vitamin D, you need vitamin E, you need vitamin C, you need iron and zinc and copper and manganese. You need all the B vitamins for the brain to work properly. And guess what? That's in the multivitamin.† 


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