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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: Hepatox Hx


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Expert Discussion with Jerry Hickey, Ph.: Hepatox Hx

Written By Jerry Hickey, Ph.

Jerry Hickey

Chief Scientific Officer
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Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of Invite Health. He has spent his professional life analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the highest quality and most natural nutraceuticals for user’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of Hepatox…

We have something called Hepatox which is our original liver formula. Its key ingredient is milk thistle. Milk thistle is rich in certain components and has a profound impact on the health of the liver. So we have it in there as well as silymarin. Silymarin is a combination of three different liver health ingredients and this product is very rich with those.† 

Hepatox is a combination of three liver-friendly plants; one is milk thistle which contains a whole bunch of different healthy things. It contains triterpenes, it contains flavonoids, it contains saponins, and sterols, but the best known ingredient is the flavonoid known as silymarin. A polyphenol is known as silymarin. Silymarin is really a family of three liver-friendly antioxidants.†

Hepa means liver. So, there’s 100mg of milk thistle per capsule in Hepatox and it’s 80% of silymarin, that group of flavonoids that is so good for the liver and soluble in the liver. The liver is just a pretty big organ, the only organ bigger than it is your skin. And there’s a reason for that; it has so many jobs and it needs a lot of area to accomplish those jobs. It needs a lot of volume. Your liver has hundreds of jobs. Your liver helps create digestive ingredients, for instance, you create things that digest fat in your liver. Your liver helps clear the sugar out of your blood after a meal and if your sugar gets too low in between meals your liver helps release sugar back into the blood. And that’s called gluconeogenesis.†

So in other words, if you eat a meal and you eat too much, your liver can store some of that sugar and later on in between meals when your sugar starts to get too low and you become fatigued, your liver will release some of that sugar to bring up the blood sugar levels so that your body gets energy. Your liver filters chemicals and toxins and bacteria and viruses and parasites out of your food and out of your blood. After you eat most foods, almost all the foods’ ingredients go through a big artery into the liver, which is called the portal circulation. So when you eat a meal, most of the food except for certain fats and amino acids and vitamins and minerals will go into this big artery inside your liver. And lining the walls of this artery are these huge white blood cells called macrophages which will pick out little pieces of plastic and Styrofoam and pieces of pesticides because if these things escape into your blood, they can attack your heart, causing an infection in your heart, and that can kill you. It can cause cardiomyopathy. So the liver cleanses the bacteria and the infectious organisms and the viruses out of your food. Your liver stores some vitamin K and it stores some vitamin A and it stores vitamin D and it stores a whole bunch of other things as well. It stores vitamin B12. It helps create blood cells, it has all these different jobs, so many different jobs and because the liver also has to remove toxic chemicals from the back, and all broken down blood cells, it’s damaged. So it has to be able to heal and rejuvenate itself. So you could literally cut the liver in half and throw half of it in the garbage and the liver will grow back to its original size. But there’s a limit to how much a liver can be damaged. If you damage more than 80% of the liver, it can no longer heal itself.† 

The milk thistle penetrates deep into the liver and helps promote liver health. We also put dandelion root and phyllanthus amarus in there to help protect the liver from harmful free radicals.†

I tell people, take Hepatox, try one capsule, you’ll probably love it and then go on one capsule three times a day with meals. It’s good practice to do that two or three times a year as a liver flush, a liver cleanse. Two or three times a year, I tell people, it’s a good strategy to help the body to detoxify. Hepatox helps nourish the liver and promote detoxification.† 

The Hepatox helps support liver, gallbladder, bile duct and kidney function. The antioxidants in the formula also help promote healthy skin.† 


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