Another study shows that CLA reduces fat on the waist

October 23, 2007

University of Barcelona researchers placed 60 overweight to obese men and women on either 3 grams a day of CLA (added to skimmed milk) or skimmed milk lacking CLA daily for 12-weeks. Supplementing with CLA caused a significant reduction in body fat especially around the trunk compared to placebo milk. The study is published online ahead of print in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Commentary by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph. The CLA used in this study is Tonalin CLA; the form derived from the LA found in Safflower Oil. This is an important point because only the safflower derived LA that is converted into CLA has the correct combination and chain lengths of Conjugated Linoleic Acids that is both safe and active in humans decreasing body fat stores while lowering the risk of many conditions. Sunflower derived CLA has not been successful in burning fat.