Another study says that vitamin D supplementation is needed for diabetics

December 22, 2008

Over 75 per cent of young type-1 diabetics may require vitamin D supplements, after a US study reported ‘surprisingly’ high levels of insufficiency. Boston-based researchers surveyed 128 youths aged between 18 months and 17.5 years with type 1 diabetes. They found that 61 per cent of the youths had insufficient levels of vitamin D, and 15 per cent were clinically deficient.

Insufficient levels of the vitamin may increase the risk of complications later in life, said the researchers, most notably in terms of weakened bone strength, and an increased risk of risk in middle and older age. "We need to make sure all youths in general are getting enough vitamin D in their diets," said Britta Svoren, MD, lead author of the study. "And, we need to pay particular attention to those with diabetes as they appear to be at an even higher risk of vitamin D deficiency” The researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Centre in Boston and Harvard Medical School published their study in the January 2009 issue of The Journal of Pediatrics.