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ALCAR with ALA (Acetyl L-Carnitine with Alpha-Lipoic Acid)




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ALCAR with ALA (Acetyl L-Carnitine with Alpha-Lipoic Acid)

Amino Acid, Thiol Supplement

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is an absorbable form of the amino acid known as L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid that is synthesized in the liver and kidney. Like L-Carnitine, ALCAR produces energy in the mitochondria of the cell. Because it participates in energy metabolism, it can be supportive in healthy brain development, visual memory and overall focus for the general public. ALA is unique because it is both a fat- and water-soluble antioxidant, a great feature due its benefits for a variety of tissues. ALA is an instrumental precursor to the liver’s main neutralizer of chemicals, Glutathione, and it is found naturally in food sources such as spinach, broccoli, peas, Brewer's yeast, Brussels sprouts, rice bran, and organ meats.

Together, these two specific nutrients have been shown to have cooperative effects in the developing area of pro-aging, a term that characterizes the natural process of aging with fewer risk factors for common age-related symptoms such as weight gain in the midsection, higher blood sugar, overall fatigue and more. As you get older, the energy pathways in your body become increasingly blocked due to the lack of these two chemicals. ALCAR and ALA work within these energy pathways. Studies show that when you take these nutrients together, they counterbalance the blockage in your energy pathways. Your metabolism begins to function better, which will assist your body in creating more energy.

There is some recent research that suggests this nutrient pair helps support healthy nervous system tissue, thereby preserving healthy nerve cell function from the head to the feet including the face, mouth, eyes, ears, genitals, spinal cord and brain. ALCAR and ALA together have been shown to not only reduce occasional pain caused by aging or damaged nerves. The pair helps to actually heal these damaged nerves supporting normal sensation. It’s also been suggested that ALCAR and ALA support mental health, memory loss, cognitive ability and healthy weight loss.*

Why Take InVite®'s ALCAR with ALA?

  • Non-GMO Dietary Supplement
  • Made following cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements like ALCAR with ALA, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further – great health starts right here at InVite® Health. To ask a question or to purchase your ALCAR with ALA, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

Supplement Facts

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement for adults, take one (1) tablet away from meals one to three times a day, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving % DV
(as Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL)
500 mg *
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Coating (Polyvinyl Alcohol, Magnesium Silicate, Polyethylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80), Croscarmellose Sodium, Silica, Vegetable Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate.

Expert Discussion

ALCAR with ALA (Acetyl-L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid)

Jerry Hickey is a pharmacist and radio personality and fills the esteemed role of Scientific Director and President of Invite Health. He has spent his professional life analyzing nutritional information and medical studies with the aim of creating the highest quality and most natural nutraceuticals for user’s maximum health benefits. Here, Jerry speaks about the benefits of ALCAR with ALA or Acetyl-L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid…

Here are some studies that are very good because they discuss two nutrients that are natural to your body. They are native to your body, but decrease with age and when they decrease, a lot of things can go wrong. For instance, you tend to gain weight around your mid-section, you tend to become fatigued, your blood sugar can begin to rise, and this is due to a lack of something called ALCAR with ALA. They’re involved in the energy pathways of the body. As you get older, the energy pathways become blocked up. According to the research, when you take these two nutrients, they counterbalance that and your metabolism comes back online and you start to generate more energy and feel better. There have been a slew of these studies where these nutrients have helped with both mental health and nerve health. So at the end of the show, I’m going read you some of the studies they’ve done on these ingredients with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. But to start off, I’m going to talk about nerve health.

The NATHAN 1 trial took a look at individuals with diabetic nerve damage. This is called diabetic peripheral neuropathy or sometimes poly neuropathy because it’s happening in many places at once. What they found was when they gave people just one of these ingredients called ALA (the abbreviation of alpha-lipoic acid), it improved the function of the nerves on seven different nerve tests. This was important because it was also decreasing nerve pain.

Generally, when drugs are given for nerve pain or nerve damage, they generally help with pain, but don’t have the ability to help with the function to repair the nerve. So this particular supplement was looked at in a NATHAN 1 trial and it was helping nerve pain and helping the nerve function. Muscle weakness improved and the pain and tingling associate with neuropathy in the legs improved as well. The diabetic peripheral neuropathy was not worsening. In fact, leg function improved and the result of this trial was very good.

In the European Journal of Endocrinology, they analyzed 15 different human clinical trials. Patients with nerve pain were given alpha-lipoic acid which helped and made them more comfortable with less tingling, and pain running up and down their arms and their feet. And not only did it help with the nerve pain, it was improving the nerve health that in turn was helping protect and rejuvenate nerve tissue. This is a very important finding because in general medical doctors are not familiar with alpha-lipoic acid. In fact, I bought a textbook, Neurology for Non-Neurologist. So this would be like for an internist or an ophthalmologist or something. And they had a section on alpha-lipoic acid in their chapter on nerve pain. I was surprised to see that.

Burning mouth syndrome is another neuropathy (damage to nerves) inside the mouth. When they gave afflicted individuals alpha-lipoic acid, it reduced this pain. It was actually helping the healing process. And I’m going to read you one last one because it applies to a lot of us. It has to do with severe back pain that runs down the thigh, runs down the gluteus maximus; you know that big muscle on the butt and it runs down the leg that’s called sciatica. It’s from the Gaetano Orthopedic Institute that’s in Milan, Italy and it’s in the journal Clinical Drug Investigation. So they took 64 patients with severe back pain that was causing them bouts of sciatica. In other words, there was a problem with the discs in their lumbar spine. They’re kind of out of place, bulging and compressing the nerve root, the motor nerve that runs down the leg called the sciatic nerve and it’s a world of hurt. They’re in a lot of pain, burning, terrible pain. They were given either one of these supplements. Now, mind you at the end of the program, I’m going to review the studies on memory and Alzheimer’s disease in these two supplements, but right now we’re talking about nerve health.

So, this is a study on patients with mild cognitive impairment or mild Alzheimer’s disease. Now, mild cognitive impairment is the stage before Alzheimer’s disease. And if you look at a functional MRI you would see that pre-frontal lobe (the part of the brain involve with memory and thinking, executive and cognitive skills) is shrinking and that there’s a noticeable lack in memory. Their family notices it. Their kids notice it. Their co-workers notice it. Their wives and husbands notice it. It’s called mild cognitive impairment and it’s the stage before you slide into early stage mild Alzheimer’s disease.

In this 12-week study, people with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment received ALCAR with ALA for nerve health, for shingles pain and sciatica and diabetic polyneuropathy or peripheral neuropathy. Here we’re talking about it with memory improvement. During this trial there was a notable improvement of cognitive function in a battery of neuropsychological tests. Even their mini-mental state exam improved. The mini-mental state exam is 20 questions and tasks, easy tasks, you know like putting the cubes in the right spot, et cetera, that you give people and to see if they’re already starting to develop some level of dementia. With this it can be judged if and how quickly the dementia is worsening and how severe the dementia is and if drugs or diet or supplements or exercise or something else is slowing it down. So in this trial, when they gave the patients with the pre-Alzheimer’s condition called mild cognitive impairment ALCAR it was actually slowing down the condition and improving their memory and their mental functions.

Also here is a study done by the University of California, Itvine School of Medicine of 30 former NFL football players. They had problem, they had concussions and they had brain injuries. So they were acting out, they were becoming aggressive, they were becoming emotional, they were becoming depressed, their memory suffered and they just weren’t functioning well. So 30 former retired NFL players who had a series of concussions were put on a cocktail of nutrients like fish oils and a multivitamin and the ALCAR with ALA. Over the course of the study ALCAR with ALA provided a statistically significant, real-world improvement in their scores for attention, memory, reasoning, information processing speed as well as accuracy in a battery of tests for mental, brain and executive functions. The MRI brain scans showed improved circulation and health of the brain; the nutrients improved their cognitive skills for patients with traumatic injuries. Now, this has implications also for soldiers who were hurt. Anybody who has had a concussion, anybody who has had the brain injury, there is room for improvement there.

They gave patients with sciatica caused by a slipped disc either ALCAR or ALA or a placebo. The ALA not only helps with the nerve pain and symptoms, it also improved nerve function; it was healing the nerves. Something once again you don’t see with the drugs, you don’t see healing. You just see a diminution of the nerve pain. ALCAR helped as much as ALA, but here was the difference: 45% of the patients on ALCAR were able to decrease their pain medication. That’s a good finding because some of those pain medications, in fact all of them, have side effects. So 45% of the patients on ALCAR could decrease their pain medication, 71% of the patients on ALA could decrease their medication.

Here’s what you could discuss with your neurologist, immunologist or whatever kind of doctor you’re seeing. If you have nerve pain, regardless of what it’s caused by ¬¬- it could be an accident, it could be surgery, maybe they just made a mistake when they did some work in your mouth, maybe you have trigeminal neuralgia in your jaw, maybe you have diabetic nerve pain in the feet, maybe you have sciatica going down your leg and nerve pain in the back… Or maybe it was herpes zoster, from when you had chicken pox as a kid and it came back later on when your immune system is impacted and not working well. Or maybe you had shingles and the doctor puts you on anti-viral medication which gets the virus under control since it can’t actually leave your body. It exists in your body in a low titer and when your immune system is suppressed it comes back and it gets you. Either way, the nerve pain can last the rest of your life. ALCAR with ALA is something you can look at for shingles, it really has an effect. So that’s the story and I’m going to stick by it.

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InViteHealth Product Spotlight - Alcar w/ Ala

ALCAR with ALA: Helping to Improve Mental and Physical Energy

What is ALCAR with ALA?
This InVite formula supplies two nutrients that are essential for the creation and use of energy in the body. Their ability to improve energy in all of the cells helps the whole body run more efficiently while turning the clock back on an aging body and brain. ALCAR is the accepted abbreviation for the amino acid Acetyl-L-Carnitine. When we eat certain foods, especially fats, they can be metabolized into a metabolite that is the fuel in every cell of the body. ALCAR delivers this fuel into the numerous power plants in each of the trillions of cells in our bodies. ALA is the abbreviation for Alpha-Lipoic Acid, which is a naturally occurring compound that we synthesize in small amounts. ALA is a powerful antioxidant for the entire body, but it is especially effective for the brain, nerves, and liver. ALA works as a partner with ALCAR, because ALA is needed to create the fuel that ALCAR carries into the cellular power plants. This combination makes the entire body and its many processes function much more efficiently, helping to restore good health and vitality throughout the aging process.


  • May restore efficiency to many functions of the body, making you feel younger
  • May improve both physical and mental energy
  • May be helpful for memory function
  • May improve mood and alleviate stress and anxiety
  • May help protect hearing function
  • May help protect the macular region of the eyes
  • May help restore a lost sense of smell or taste
  • May improve the function of the heart and blood vessel walls
  • May help protect and rejuvenate the liver
  • May help protect and heal nerve tissue in the brain, back and legs
  • May help improve insulin utilization in diabetics
  • May help protect individuals with metabolic syndrome
  • May help protect the liver, kidneys, heart, and nerve tissue from drug toxicity
  • May help improve sexual function
  • May benefit fertility


  • Easy to swallow tablet that supplies 500mg of ALCAR with 200mg of ALA
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
  • Made using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Best taken on an empty stomach


ALCAR/ALA is a very great supplement and it supplies me with a lot of energy and help with my memory and all the other InVite products I take helps my family as well!

New York, NY

I take ALCAR/ALA for memory and clarity which makes an unbelievable difference when taken daily. I also take NAC for my kidney issue which has helped my lungs a lot. If I miss a day or two of taking NAC I cannot sleep. I wake up coughing and had to prop up pillows. It helps me thanks to Dr. Selassie.

Brooklyn, NY

I truly benefit from Acetyl L-Carnitine, it goes well with my other supplements, it helps me feel more energy, stamina and alertness my thoughts are clearer and my energy tends to last longer all day.

Jamaica, NY

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Amino Acid, Thiol Supplement

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is an absorbable form of the amino acid known as L-Carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid that is synthesized in the liver and kidney.

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