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Established 1998

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About Us


For over 20 years, InVite® health degreed healthcare professionals have emphasized the importance of integrating essential vitamins and minerals into the lives of our customers. It is now more evident than ever that your health and the health of your family should be a priority.

InVite® Health is here to celebrate your vision of wellness, making it real and attainable, no matter the goal by offering you incomparable access to personalized guidance, invaluable educational resources and superior products that will guide you throughout your journey.

Scientifically Formulated Supplements

cocoa and collagen

InVite® Health is a lead innovator in the nutritional supplement world, offering products that are premium quality. They are compliant with current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and are made using cutting-edge technologies. We offer non-GMO supplements that are fortified with superior-quality ingredients in their purest and freshest form.

Our supplements are formulated based on recent and relevant research studies, allowing us to offer the correct amount of the highest quality ingredients so we can ensure optimal absorption and utilization in your body. Our Scientific Director Jerry Hickey, Ph. meticulously research and compares the amount of each ingredient in our formulations to ensure they reflect the finding of these studies. Many of the ingredients in our supplements have been featured in human clinical studies, as have many of our own formulations.

core multi
probiotic and cartilage

We also employ state-of-the-art-technology in terms of delivery methods with L-Vcaps®, VCaps®, and Licaps® to allow for optimal absorption of nutrients.

InVite Health's Personalized Approach

At InVite Health, we know that good health requires a personal approach, so we are proud to offer resources that will allow you to learn more about your body and overall wellness. This information can help you better understand and navigate your definition of a healthy lifestyle.

Tune into the InVite® Health Podcast or Radio Show to hear our health experts discuss topics and studies imp to your health and wellness, including immunity, reproductive health, digestion and more. Access these resources anytime, anywhere right from our website.

You can also access and understand your genome with the help of genetic testing kits. InVite®Health over a variety of these kits can help you identify any potential genetic mutations or risk of developing certain conditions. This information can help you make the best decisions to promote your overall wellness.


The best part is that we are not leaving you to figure out your path to wellness alone. Our team of degreed healthcare professionals is available to guide and assist you. They can offer you a persona supplement and nutrition protocol, based off of your concerns and lifestyle. Schedule your FREE nutritional consultation now to get started.