A number of the polyphenols naturally found in Grape Seed Extract have the ability to impede the growth of and destroy prostate cancer cells.

August 14, 2007

Several studies have documented the anticancer and chemopreventive efficacy of Grape Seed Extract (GSE) against various cancers including prostate cancer. GSE is a complex mixture of a group of powerful polyphenols and a number of them have activity against prostate cancer according to this new analysis that separated these polyphenols and measured their individual abilities to inhibit the growth of or ultimately destroy prostate cancer cells (of course many times its not just the individual effects of food ingredients but also the specific mix found in nature that gives them so much anti-disease clout; an effect known as synergism where one and one adds up to more than two). Three of the fourteen constituents measured individually had a powerful impact on destroying prostate cancer cells; this is not to say that the addition of the other eleven doesn't bolster their effects. The research is published online ahead of print in the journal Carcinogenesis.