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InVite Health Web Radio Is Here and Growing!

Due to popular demand, InVite Health Radio is transitioning into InVite Health Web Radio – a fully digital radio station for all things health, wellness and nutrition! You can now listen to your favorite health talk radio show LIVE on our website and stream the AM radio shows you missed anytime, anywhere at the click of a button with even more LIVE radio shows coming soon!

InVite® Health Radio provides listeners in search of nutritional guidance with important health news and information that may typically be difficult to understand. On this page, you will find:

  • Information on our Radio Hosts, Jerry Hickey, Ph. and Amanda Williams, MPH
  • Stream InVite Web Radio LIVE shows and pre-recorded shows
  • Listen to shows you missed, including AM radio shows

InVite® Health Live Radio

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Weekdays, 9-11AM

Have your questions answered on our LIVE shows! Call 888-831-3279 between 10 and 11AM to ask Jerry Hickey, Ph. a question. Call 800-370-6557 Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9 and 10AM to ask Amanda Williams, MPH a question.

You can also order products mentioned during our radio shows. To order a product discussed on Jerry's show, Call 888-595-1211. To order a product mentioned on Amanda's show, Call 800-370-6557

Radio Hosts

Assisting Jerry Hickey on this journey is a team of nutritional professionals - a group of hand chosen, dedicated experts, available at each and every InVite® Health retail location. Their purpose is to provide you with a FREE personalized and professional nutritional consultation. Visit an InVite® Health retail location near you for assistance in selecting the correct nutrients to address your health concerns.

You can also e-mail an InVite® Nutritionist or call us directly with any of your nutritional questions. The InVite® Health team is always available to assist you.

Jerry Hickey, Ph

Chief Scientific Director

"Back in the 1970s when I attended Saint John's University School of Pharmacy, I was learning all about chemotherapy. I was also learning how damaging the drugs used to treat these diseases could be and how devastating cancers and other diseases were. It began to occur to me that perhaps there was a way of avoiding the disease process or at least stacking the odds against developing many of today's more common diseases. I have dedicated my entire life to collating and disseminating this information and to designing products to support the effort. I spend a great deal of time and effort piecing together this information, in order to provide you with a beneficial and highly credible radio program, InVite® Health Radio, based on the latest scientific research studies and clinical trials."Contact

Amanda Williams, MD, MPH

Amanda Williams holds a doctorate in medicine from Xavier University in Aruba, a Master’s degree in Public Health from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelor's degree in biology from St. Mary's College Orchard Lake. Amanda has spent the last ten years focused on nutrition and wellness. Her background in disease state management allows for a unique nutritional approach to many of the most common health concerns. She has successfully completed training as an instructor in Diabetes Self-Management through Stanford University. She possesses excellent knowledge of vitamins and supplements, as well as hormone replacement therapy options. To stay on top of the wellness world, she continues to obtain medical education credits through the American Academy of Anti-Aging. Amanda loves working in a field where she has the opportunity to change lives by showing understanding and compassion while educating, encouraging and inspiring others to take ownership of their health and their lives.Contact

Radio Archives

Click here for our radio studies archive. If you missed a show or want to listen to one again, select the show below:

As of Saturday, April 24, WOR will air 8am-9am


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