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Fish Oil Capsules improve rheumatoid arthritis

Sep 07, 2015

Fish Oil Capsules improve rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an extremely painful and disabling form of arthritis affecting many joints at once. In this recent clinical trial performed by the Rheumatology Unit at Royal Adelaide Hospital and the University of Adelaide in Australia, patients who suffered with a recent onset of rheumatoid arthritis had an increased rate of remission (total absence of symptoms) and a lower rate of failure by the drugs used to treat the disease if on a high dosage of fish oil in capsules.

The randomized trial compared the effects of high-doses of fish oils versus low-doses and found that with every measurable increase in the level of fish oils in the plasma there was an accompanying 12% increase in the probability of remission anytime during the study.

The study is published online in the British Journal of Nutrition on August 18, 2015.