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Learning About Energy and Fatigue | InVite Health

Energy and Fatigue

by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph.

Jerry Hickey, R.Ph.

It is difficult to restore energy even after rest in a fatigued person. Age can lead to fatigue because the tiny cellular power plants known as mitochondria become old, wrinkled and inefficient. Many drugs cause fatigue due to their side effects or indirectly over time by depleting precious B-Complex vitamins. Viruses and other infections and their drug treatment, surgery, injury and disease, depression, chemotherapy, general anesthesia, over stimulation, stress and anxiety, exposure to toxins, and anemia all lead to fatigue.

Virtually every cause of fatigue has some level of remedy. For aging and fatigue, or for fatigue due to drug side effects, and as a result of general anesthesia ALCAR with ALA are very helpful and so is Ubiquinol; the state of the art version of Coenzyme Q10. These three nutrients are referred to as “mitochondrial nutrients” because they help restore efficiency to these cellular power plants.

Remedies for fatigue due to surgery, an injury, infection, or most other causes include the “mitochondrial nutrients.” The herbs Rhodiola rosea and Black Seed along with Nucleotide supplementation work well in these cases of fatigue.

To improve fatigue due to physical exertion simply take the supplement Creatine Monohydrate, eat a good meal, and get a good nights rest. Some individuals need iron and a multiple-vitamin to restore energy due to the depletion of nutrients caused by their prescription medication or due to a chronically poor diet. Drugs also frequently deplete Coenzyme Q10; a nutrient in the body that acts as the spark plug for the utilization of energy and supplementing with Ubiquinol or other forms of Coenzyme Q10 is very helpful.

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