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ENERGY = Alcar with ALA by Mike Parenti, C.N.


ENERGY = Alcar with ALA

by: Mike Parenti, C.N.

ATP is the substance used by our body for about 90% of its energy and it is used for energy in every one of our trillions of cells. In a day we use up about 120 pounds of ATP yet we only have about one and one-half ounces on hand at any given moment. It is a lot of work to create this energy molecule. Also, if we have a chronic illness or as we age, the cellular power plants that creates ATP age and become inefficient. ALCAR with ALA restore efficiency to cellular power plants benefiting energy and turning the clock back on an aging or sick brain and body improving energy and efficiency. ALCAR is an amino acid that shuttles the molecules from food into the cell and ALA is a powerful antioxidant. Together they equal energy. They are great for mental alertness and quickness of mind, physical energy and restoring health to functions throughout the body while improving fatigue; both mental and physical fatigue. They benefit hearing and vision, nerve health, the senses of taste and smell, the heart and circulation, the liver and also healthy sexual function.

Mike Parenti’s Picks for Energy, Memory and Metabolism:

ALCAR with ALA: improves the function of our cellular power plants restoring energy and efficiency to the entire body.

Ubiquinol: the natural version of Coenzyme Q10 that is better absorbed and functions better in our body. Ubiquinol (CoQ10) is a major factor in energy utilization, for protecting the brain, and for cardiac function.

Green Tea Tx™: this plant offers powerful ingredients that protect us in many ways including its functioning as a strong antioxidant. Green Tea if rich in EGCG makes up for deficits that occur to our metabolism as we age improving the burning of calories and helping to restore stamina.

Cognition Hx™: offers nutrients used by the brain to foster mental activity, improve memory and sharpness, restore awareness, and for protection of brain tissue

DHA Tx™: fish oils without the fish (it is from little plants floating in the water known as algae). DHA is the part of fish oils needed for the health of the brain, for good mood, for memory, and for eye health. DHA is also a powerful protector of intellect.

Resveratrol Hx™: along with its cardiovascular benefits this wine antioxidant restores health to genes that tell the brain what to do, in effect keeping the brain young.

Homocysteine Hx™: although designed for vascular health, the B-Complex Vitamins in this supplement support the continued health of our frontal cortex; the most intellectually advanced region of our brain.

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