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InVite Health

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Found in skins of red grapes and grape juice alike, resveratrol is known as the red wine antioxidant due to the dark pigment, rather than the alcohol content. This product offers 100mg of resveratrol supplying 25mg of the active trans-resveratrol, 100mg of red wine concentrate with 30% (30mg) polyphenol antioxidants and 25mg of grape seed extract. This product is nutritional support for healthy blood vessels, circulation, heart and brain. It contributes to a healthy lifespan.

Resveratrol is known to have excellent anti-aging abilities. Recent studies suggest that resveratrol stimulates cellular proteins and allows cells to live longer in the body. By manipulating specific genes in the body, resveratrol may slow down the aging process significantly. Resveratrol works to slow the aging of important genes in the brain, heart and muscles. This is very beneficial for an aging body because these genes keep your heart, brain, muscles, and other organs functioning properly as you grow older. Resveratrol is also known to have vast benefits for circulatory health. It works to restore the function of cells that regulate proper blood flow, which in turn contributes to higher levels of brain function in aging people. Other studies suggest that resveratrol protects the function of tiny capillaries feeding the retina of the eye, thus preventing the adverse impact of aging. In addition, resveratrol may also help support the kidneys. Another great benefit of resveratrol is its ability to speed up the healing process and tissue recovery from general wear and tear on the body, promoting skin healing. Resveratrol helps inhibit production of abnormal collagen by calming the hyperactivity that’s caused by an aging body that is working overtime in order to heal general wear and tear, as well as by sending malfunctioning cells to the proper location where they cannot cause damage. Overall, through its manipulation of the genes in crucial organs and its great benefits for circulatory health, resveratrol can help to extend both your healthspan and your lifespan.

Benefits and Features:

resveratrol supplements Cell sparing, life extending nutrition.*
Antioxidant protection throughout the body.*
Possibly an anti-obesity nutrient very beneficial for diabesity.*
A neurological/brain antiosidant that may help protect from aging and dementia.*
Eye protection.*
Resveratrol supplements Lung health.*
Herpes and flu resistance.*
Liver health; shielding the liver from toxins and viruses.*
Helps protect the kidneys of diabetics.*
Helps protect the pancreas.*
Antioxidant in the adrenal glands, thyroid, digestive tract, colon, prostate, and breast tissue.*
Beneficial for bone marrow tissue and the lymphatic system.*
Heart and Vascular protection.*
HDL enabler supporting the ability of HDL to wisk cholesterol away from artery walls.*
Research shows that Resveratrol supplements may improve the ability of the body to create a natural bypass system, possibly improving circulation to the heart.*
25% Trans-Resveratrol.*
Provides 100mg standardized Red Wine Concentrate.*
With 25mg Grape Seed Extract.*

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Found in skins of red grapes and grape juice alike, resveratrol is known as the red wine antioxidant due to the dark pigment, rather than the alcohol content.

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