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pTerostilbene with Tyrosine

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InVite Health

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This is an invaluable combination for pro-aging supplying active trans-Pterostilbene. Stilbenes are a group of highly nutritious antioxidants found in small amounts in brain-berry super fruits like blueberries and cranberries. Resveratrol is possibly the best known stilbene. Pterostilbene is different.

Pterostilbene differs from many other plant constituents in its ability to be better absorbed and last longer in the human body, with a duration approaching six-times more than other protective stilbenes. This may be due to its structure consisting of two Resveratrol molecules bound together, giving it different health benefits to the brain and providing complementary benefits to Resveratrol itself.

Pterostilbene also supports the health of our mitochondria; the body's energy producing micro-engines. A young body is packed with trillions of healthy mitochondria supplying energy to every cell. As time passes mitochondria become old wrinkled in a manner similar to the skin, a state that impedes energy availability. Research is indicating that Pterostilbene plays a part in rejuvenating and recycling aging mitochondria, especially in the skin, brain, heart, urinary system and metabolism.

InVite's pTeroPure Pterostilbene, 50mg per serving and standardized to 99%, is a protected formula based on technology licensed from the University of Mississippi and the US Department of Agriculture. Current patents on Pterostilbene focus on several areas of health research including heart and circulatory health as well as brain neuroprotection and memory support.

The alpha-amino acid L-Tyrosine at 100mg per serving has been added to the formula to support mental energy, focus and alertness during times of stress and fatigue.*

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pTerostilbene with Tyrosine

This is an invaluable combination for pro-aging supplying active trans-Pterostilbene.

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