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Physical Energy Program

Sku: HICPKG035

InVite Health

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Everyone wants a little "oomph" without feeling jittery. Our program includes the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea root extract, a truly adaptogenic herb that assists in times of stress and fatigue, along with other herbs, vitamins and minerals that favor balanced energy, stamina and resistance to stress.*

Energy Tx™
Herbs that support energy, stamina and metabolisim without causing jitteriness.*

InVite® Performance Multi Vitamin
An advanced and comprehensive multi vitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula with the natural performance enhancing nutrients, GliSODin® and Rhodiola Rosea. InVite® Performance supports stamina, stress resistance, and the immune system. This superior
multi vitamin is beneficial for all types of lifestyles, particularly those that are active. No
stimulants or ephedra.*

Nucleotide Complex
Research on nucleotide supplements has evolved from the world of medicine and surgery to the field of sports medicine and gerontology. Nucleotides are central to immunonutrition. Nucleotides support energy and immunity when exercising. They also support recovery.*

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Physical Energy Program

Everyone wants a little "oomph" without feeling jittery.
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