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Men's Sexual Health Program

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Men's Edge Advanced

Men’s Edge Advanced Formula is a safe, all natural daily tonic to heighten stamina and promote sexual function. It combines centuries-old proven libido- enhancing herbs to boost energy, stamina, sensitivity, circulation, intensity and desire. This product contains Maca Root Extract 400mg standardized to Glucosinolates 0.6% or 2.4 mg, Long Jack Root Extract 100:1 concentrate 400 ml, L-Arginine 1000 mg, Ginkgo Biloba 50 mg standardized to Ginkgo Flavon 12 mg- Glycosides 24% 3 mg and Terpene Lactones 6%, Tribulus Terrestris 250 mg Fruit) 50 mg, Protodioscin 20%, Muira Puama Extract 12:1 Concentrate 75 mg, Epidemidium or Horny Goat Weed Extract 125mg standardized to 10% or 12.5mg of Icariin.

Masculine Hx™

As men age there is a tendency to convert testosterone to estrogen, decreasing available or free testosterone. Estrogen levels can be particularly higher in men with a large belly. Chrysin is a flavonoid found in plants that supports testosterone-related functions in older men by inhibiting its conversion to estrogen, via the aromatase inhibition pathway. Each capsule of Masculine Hx contains 750mg of Chrysin is also excellent extract in reducing stress, agitation and anxiousness. The addition of 7mg Bioperine piperine (an extract of the Black Pepper plant) greatly improves Chrysin’s absorption and overall circulation. For best results, learn your blood hormone levels as this product can be combined as part of a nutritional Testosterone protocol and may combine well with Prostate Hx, DHEA, Men's Edge, Client 9 and Testosterone boosters.*


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable, related to the turnip, from the Andes Mountains growing 9000 feet above sea level, and higher. Maca is traditionally used, currently well-known and extensively researched for its effects on sexual health, energy and endurance. Research shows that Maca increases desire, improves sexual function and can even help ED without any disruption to the hormone cycle. Maca also helps protect a healthy prostate. Maca is used by women and men for healthy fertility, endurance, stamina, energy and virility.*

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Men's Sexual Health Program

Men's Edge Advanced

Men’s Edge Advanced Formula is a safe, all natural daily tonic to heighten stamina and promote sexual function.

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