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Macula Hx®

Sku: HIC0145

InVite Health

Macula Hx

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Macula Hx® fromInVite® Health is a specialty supplement that consists of nutrients that have been shown to support various aspects of eye and vision health. This powerful formula contains a valuable blend of the natural orange-pigmented carotenoids known to reduce the effects of tired eyes, help with night vision, and improve visual acuity: Lutein (5mg), Lycopene (2.5mg), Beta-Carotene (1250IU), and citrus bioflavenoid Zeaxanthin (1mg) to support and preserve a healthy macula, occasional itching and tearing of eyes, as well as maintain proper circulation. Additional ingredients in Macula Hx® include the herb Bilberry (50mg), a traditional European blueberry which provides antiocyanadin antioxidants to deliver nutrients and oxygen to each structure of the eye, mediating inflammation and repairing cells. Bilberry interacts positively with NAC (100mg) and the high levels of the following nutrients included in this product. NAC has been shown in studies to maintain an intact retina, support a clear lens, and repair trauma to the eye.

  1. Vitamin C (250mg), for great eyesight, building strong connective tissue, blood vessel health and vision stamina.
  2. Selenium (25mcg), a mineral that helps decrease inflammation in the eyes, increases glutathione protection and supports healthy macula lutea cells (specialized cells of the retina).
  3. Vitamin B2 (12.5mg), to support health status of the eyes, circulation and energy.
  4. Zinc (20mg), a mineral that improves absorption of antioxidants into the eyes, contributes to healing, and may help prevent diseases of the eye.
  5. Vitamin A (500IU), to support night vision and may play a role in avoiding age-related macular degeneration.

The blend of ingredients in InVite®’s Macula Hx® supplements provide all-natural multi-support for your eyes and can be extremely helpful for eye and vision health in all populations. Some of this product’s major health benefits include: improved visual stamina and acuity, antioxidant protection for macular and lens health, improved night vision, reduced glare, improvement of “floaters”, and powerful protection from harmful sunlight, tobacco smoke, and certain medications that negatively impact your eyes. Macula Hx® offers great nutritional support for the entire eye – the macula, retina, cornea, lens, aqueous humor, vitreous, and retinal blood vessels can all reap the benefits of this great formula from InVite®.

Some scientific evidence suggests that antioxidant Vitamins C and E and the mineral Selenium contained within this product may reduce the risk of certain cancers. However, the FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive.

If you are suffering from sudden eye trauma or floaters, seek counsel from your eye specialist for a proper diagnosis or call our nutrition line for a professional opinion.


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Macula Hx®

Macula Hx® fromInVite® Health is a specialty supplement that consists of nutrients that have been shown to support various aspects of eye and vision health.

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