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InVite® Toner for Clear Skin

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InVite Health

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InVite® Toner is designed to open pores and allow the skin to breathe. This in turn helps to reduce blemishes, redness and discoloration that result from clogging. The ingredients help tone and smooth the skin, increasing firmness. InVite® Facial Toner contains the strongest antioxidant, herbs known to science. This mixture helps protect the skin while slowing the aging process; green tea leaf, grape seed, and vitamin C InVite® Facial Toner contains a nourishing base that may improve skin texture and quality; sea kelp, aloe vera, sea fennel, Irish moss, algae, plankton, and spirulina InVite® Facial Toner contains grapefruit oil, grape seed extract, witch hazel, menthol, caffeine, and eucalyptus that may improve the tone and integrity of the skin, balancing color and pigmentation, and strengthening the supportive collagen matrix of the skin.

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InVite® Toner for Clear Skin

InVite® Toner is designed to open pores and allow the skin to breathe.
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