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Herbal Health Supplements

For thousands of years, cultures recognized the power of herbs and used them to promote good health and healing. A wide range of scientific research is now confirming the many therapeutic health benefits of popular herbal health supplements. InVite offers a comprehensive line of herbal supplements harvested from the highest quality sources. These supplements provide a more natural approach toward improving your health. Click on the herbal health supplements below to learn more about its benefits.

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  • Superfoods, Energy Supplements, Greens Hx®

    Greens Hx®

    Greens Hx® is a food-based dietary supplement that comes in a convenient powder formula.  It provides high-density nutrition with essential nutrients and antioxidants, and it is formulated to provide you with the right ... More Info
  • Superfoods, Reds Hx®

    Reds Hx®

    In recent years, nutritional science has revealed the vast health benefits of various fruit pigments. “Eat the rainbow daily”, nutrition experts say. Each region of the world offers its own superberry noted for benefitting ... More Info
  • Black Seed

    Black Seed with Rosemary and Cordyceps

    This unique InVite® Health formula combines the immune benefits of a trio of plants used in traditional medicine throughout the world. Our Black Seed with Rosemary and Cordyceps is a convenient and powerful supplement that ... More Info
  • White Tea Extract

    White Tea Tx®

    White Tea Bud and Leaf Extract (or tincture) is a concentrated source of polyphenol antioxidants with excellent health benefits. White Tea Extract is sourced from the same plant as green and black tea, Camellia sinensis. White ... More Info
  • Aged Garlic

    Aged Garlic

    Aged Garlic (Allium Sativum) is an herb used in ancient medicine, a healthy vegetable, and a potent superfood that has been used traditionally for its vast health benefits. This herb has been used for centuries for a variety ... More Info
  • Olive Leaf 60 caps

    Olive Leaf - 60 Capsules

    Olive leaf (Olea europaea) extract offers a variety of nutritional benefits for the body. Some research studies have shown the olive leaf to have great antioxidant potential with the ability to fight off damaging free radicals, ... More Info
  • Cranberry Caps

    Cranberry Caps

    The cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is a bright red berry with a naturally sour taste that offers a variety of health benefits. Cranberries contain a wide range of antioxidants such anthocyanidins and Vitamin C that support ... More Info
  • Bilberry Extract

    Bilberry Extract

    This Northern European antioxidant berry (also known as Vaccinium Myrtillus) is related to the blueberry and provides nutritional support for eye health, eye circulation, night vision, visual stamina, and ocular sharpness.  ... More Info
  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera, or Aloe barbardensis, is a common house plant and a traditional, multipurpose herbal remedy that can be traced back to ancient roots. In several ancient cultures, Aloe Vera was relied upon for its soothing properties. ... More Info
  • Saw Palmetto, Mens Herbal Supplements

    Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto, or Serenoa repens, is a plant with a good safety record, used for centuries in traditional European medicine. This popular medicinal plant is most often used for natural support of the aging prostate gland. Research ... More Info
  • Para Hx®

    Para Hx®

    InVite Health’s Para Hx® formula provides you with a powerful yet traditional combination of herbal ingredients to help support lower digestive tract health. Artemesia and Artemisinin are two supportive ingredients ... More Info
  • Oregano Oil Tincture

    Oregano Oil Tx®

    Oregano is a perennial herb, related to marjoram. It is an important culinary herb commonly used in the Mediterranean diet, and due to its high antioxidant activity and phenolic acid and flavonoid content, it is used in a variety ... More Info
  • Astragalus Tx®

    Astragalus Tx®

    Astragalus Tx® is an alcohol-free liquid herbal extract (tincture) to provide healthy immune support. Used traditionally for millennnia in Asian medicine, science shows that the pure white root of the Astragalus membranaceous ... More Info
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