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GliSODin® with Catalase

Sku: MAR009

InVite Health

GliSODin® with Catalase

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GliSODin® is a clinically-studied patent form of Super Oxide Dismutase, or SOD, an antioxidant that occurs naturally in cells that are exposed to oxygen. SOD is the primary antioxidant the body releases to defend itself.  After periods of stress, illness and with the accumulating effects of aging, SOD may become a conditionally essential nutrient, meaning the body may require more than it can produce on its own, and therefore benefit with supplementation. SOD may be beneficial in protecting the eyes and skin again the sun’s harmful UVB rays. In people who find themselves sensitive the sun, SOD has been shown in some clinical research to be supportive and protective.

Catalase is another antioxidant enzyme that helps to protect our cells during energy production. It may even support the natural pigment of the skin. SOD and Catalase levels both diminish with aging, and also when the production of damaging free radicals in the body is high, such as following periods of stress or illness. Together, they offer cellular protection against the most powerful free radicals known to damage your cells – hydrogen peroxide, superoxide and peroxynitrate. 

According to research, a combination of SOD and Catalase offers improved immunity and resistance for everyone, including highly-trained athletes. This formula supports the brain, nervous system, heart and lung health, red and white blood cells, muscle function, vision, and overall health and function of many other organs and systems throughout your body. For athletes, SOD with Catalase provides improved exercise capacity due to decreased lactic acid production, and it also aids faster recovery after workouts which can greatly decrease risk of injury. This formula may also support vision health in the crystalline lens, help those with chronic conditions withstand medications and treatment, and increase joint comfort for those suffering arthritis symptoms, particularly in the knee.
This dietary supplement provides 150mg of SOD sourced from cantaloupe and a wheat gluten called Gliadin, supported by 25mg of Catalase


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GliSODin® with Catalase

GliSODin® is a clinically-studied patent form of Super Oxide Dismutase, or SOD, an antioxidant that occurs naturally in cells that are exposed to oxygen.

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