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GliSODin® with Catalase

Sku: MAR009

InVite Health

Glisodin for hair

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Glisodin® is a clinically-studied patent form of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant present in cells exposed to oxygen.  SOD is the primary antioxidant released by the body to defend itself.  Catalase, a second antioxidant enzyme, helps to protect our cells during energy production.  It may even support the natural defenses of the skin. SOD and catalase levels diminish with aging and when free radical production is high.  Together they offer cellular protection from the most potent free radical, known to damage cells- hydrogen peroxide, superoxide and peroxynitrate.   This dietary supplement provides 150 mg of SOD sourced from cantaloupe and wheat gluten, supported by 25mg of Catalase. 

Benefits and Features:

Research shows improved immunity and resistance in us all, even in elite athletes.*
Improved protection for the brain and nervous system, heart and other muscles, red and white blood cells, organs and systems throughout your body.*
Increased comfort in arthritic knees with improved ability to flex and use them.*
improvement in exercise capacity due to decreased lactic acid production, and also aids faster recovery which may decrease the risk of injury.*
Improved endurance even in well trained athletes.*
Protection from solar radiation.*
Improved health in AIDS patients and better ability to withstand medication cocktail.*
Lung Health.*
Vision protection especially in the crystalline lens.*
The bodies most important enzyme-antioxidant, a true life extending, health span extending nutrient.*
glisodin for hair First orally absorbable, all vegetarian SOD from cantaloupe- wheat gluten protected, patented source in a vegetarian Vcaps® capsule.
glisodin for hair Exhaustively researched, well documented, safe and effective.

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GliSODin® with Catalase

Glisodin® is a clinically-studied patent form of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant present in cells exposed to oxygen.

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