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Dog Vitamins

Dog vitamins are needed because, dogs are exposed to toxins and contaminants possibly more frequently than we are and they need the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to protect their health and remove these pollutants.

Dogs run in the park where grass is often treated with pesticides, herbicides, and unnatural fertilizers; their fastidiousness leads to licking these toxins right off their paws and coat. Their snouts are at the level where bus and car exhaust is shot at them and is most concentrated. Grape Seed, Catalase, and SOD are powerful antioxidants that help protect their hearts, liver, kidneys, brain and vision and GSH is needed for detoxification of many drug metabolites, pollutants, and heavy metals such as lead or arsenic.

Adding the nutrients from our dog vitamins to their diets helps round out their protection. Feel free to contact Invite Health with and questions or concerns you may have about our dog vitamins.

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  • K-9 Multiple Dog Vitamins

    K-9 Dog Multivitamins - Beef

    Just like humans, dogs require a basic level of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain optimum levels of health, including good energy, thick and shiny coat, clear eyes and moist nose. Dogs are exposed to toxins and contaminants ... More Info
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