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Detox Hx®

Sku: HIC0113

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This formula primarily addresses detox pathways of the liver and also the kidneys. The liver has an inborn detoxification system called Phase 1 and Phase 2 that neutralizes and removes harmful chemicals, pollutants and heavy metals; excreting the neutralized metabolites into the kidney and colon. Nutritional science supports healthy detoxification of organ pathways by supplementing a wholesome diet with the potent specific food constituents and particular antioxidants found in Detox Hx®. N-A-C is the rate limiting nutrient for glutathione production, the "Mother Antioxidant". Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA 100mg) works with N-A-C to produce glutathione and is special due to its ability to target hydro (water) and lipid (fat) soluble chemicals. Sulforaphane (100mg) from broccoli extract is a potent metabolizer of fatty and hormonal-based chemicals and pesticide. Phyllanthus Amarus (Leaf Extract 250mg) may help mediate inflammatory pathways in the liver and expel chemicals safely whereas Ellagic Acid (3.6mg) from pomegranates and other dark berries may help bind heavy metals and neutralize chemicals for safe removals from the system. For best results, take upon rising. This product combines well with Colon Hx® for a liver and colon cleanse and with Hepatox Hx® for an even more complete liver support program.*

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Detox Hx®

This formula primarily addresses detox pathways of the liver and also the kidneys.
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