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CoQ10 - 100 mg

Sku: MAR002

InVite Health

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CoQ10 is an important energy-releasing nutrient produced naturally in the human body. It is the cellular “sparkplug” that allows the body to use the calories from food for energy. Liquid CoQ10 is an essential nutrient for physical energy. InVite Health’s liquid CoQ10 is in capsule for convenience and preservation of the product. It offers cardiovascular support for those with healthy blood pressure within normal range, as well as for aging people. It also helps support the healthy function of the heart, muscles, nerves, brain, gums, liver and kidneys.*

CoQ10 is a supplement for metabolism and efficiency, helping to slow down the effects of aging on one’s brain. It also restores nutrients in our bodies that may be depleted by certain medications, preventing muscle fatigue and stiffness, dysfunction of major organs and other side effects. InVite’s CoQ10 comes in a special vegetarian, liquid-filled Licaps® capsule, which improves the rate of absorption of the nutrients into the body – this is crucial because CoQ10 is difficult for the body to absorb naturally. Our all-natural CoQ10 is manufactured right here in the USA using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and is microbiologically tested multiple times for freshness, purity and potency. This InVite product provides 100mg per Licaps® capsule.

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CoQ10 - 100 mg

CoQ10 is an important energy-releasing nutrient produced naturally in the human body.

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