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Circulation Program

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Healthy circulation is crucial in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Your vascular system is complex; it consists of many veins, arteries, and other blood vessels that form a pathway throughout your entire body, delivering nutrients and oxygen to every cell and vital organ through the blood. Healthy blood flow is so important because without it, your cells aren't getting the nutrients they need to function properly. Damage to the veins and arteries over time can obstruct the blood flow. The Circulation Program can provide support to help you get it back on track.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds naturally contain nutritional components such as flavonoids, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and polyphenols called Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins or OPCs. In supplement form, grape seed extract is standardized as a source of concentrated OPCs (95%), which may provide beneficial antioxidant support for a host of pro-aging processes. OPCs may be protective of the structure and functions of various organs, including the skin and pancreas. Rapidly growing research has also been investigating grape seed extract for its possibilities in numerous areas of health and wellbeing including; skin, brain, teeth, bones and joints, fatty acid synthesis in the liver, vasculature, circulation and cells. While such studies are promising, more research including long-term studies in humans is needed to verify initial findings.

Veins Hx®

InVite's Veins Hx® formula is a powerful blend of herbs that support healthy blood flow and maintain the integrity, health and appearance of your veins, particularly in your legs, hands and feet. This formulation offers a blend of herbs such as 250mg of horse chestnut, 40mg bilberry and 50mg gotu kola (Centella asiatica), standardized for maximum nutritional support in addition to specific nutrients vitamin C (500mg), citrus bioflavonoids (250mg) and silica (50mg) for maintenance of healthy vein integrity and healthy blood flow, particularly in the legs, hands and feet. Together, these herbs work to support healthy circulation and help your veins function properly throughout the aging process.

White Tea Tx®

White tea extract is a concentrated source of healthy polyphenol antioxidants sourced from the same plant as green and black tea, Camellia sinensis. White tea is caffeine, oxalate and fluoride-free. Our white tea extract has specialized nutritional qualities that help to keep levels of healthy bacteria well-balanced in the digestive tract from your mouth all the way to your gut. White tea extract is also known to enhance beautiful, healthy skin. In addition, this extract has the possibility of assisting in the body's natural immunity and resistance to harmful bacteria. This product, naturally bitter, is sweetened with natural flavors and stevia leaf extract.

For great discounts, a superb assortment of top-grade nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, and access to our professional nutritionists, look no further - great health starts right here at InVite® Health. To ask a question or to purchase Circulation Program, call us today at (800) 632-0541 or click here to find a store near you!

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Circulation Program

Healthy circulation is crucial in maintaining your overall health and well-being.

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