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Children's Health Program

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InVite Health

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These days even our kids have hectic lifestyles. Aside from school, they are off to soccer, ballet, music lessons, and many other extracurricular activities in which they participate. This leaves little time for preparation of nutritionally balanced meals. Make sure they have the proper nutrients to grow and stay healthy and strong.

Kids Chewable Multi-Vitamins

Ensure your child receives adequate nutrition by complementing their diet with InVite® for Kids Multi Vitamin. It provides advanced multi vitamin and mineral support for children with appropriate amounts of beneficial and extremely safe food antioxidants.


DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is essential for supporting healthy brain, eye and nervous system functions. It is beneficial because it provides fluidity to cell membranes and improves communication between brain cells. DHA's importance in cerebral development is particularly crucial during fetal and child development. InVite's new liquid form is perfectly safe for children and they will benefit greatly from its cognitive support. For adults, its benefits are well documented: improvement of mental health, support for healthy cognitive function, and protection for memory and concentration as we age. New research also suggests that DHA helps support healthy retinal function and normal vision. Perfect for both children & adults! Fish free, from algae. Used in children's clinical studies.

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Children's Health Program

These days even our kids have hectic lifestyles.

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