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Bone Health Program

Sku: HICPKG017

InVite Health

Bone Health Program

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Bone Food Powder

One of InVite’s popular new products, this dietary supplement powder is formulated to support normal bone density. More than just a calcium supplement, InVite’s bone health powder has a comprehensive bone support formula including; 1) 400mg Magnesium for Calcium absorption and muscle relaxation, 2) 80mcg Vitamin K1/K2 (MK4) combo help to liberate calcium in the blood and tissues for deposition in bone as well as work in tandem with Vitamin D supplementation for calcium deposition, and 3) 500mg FOS from chicory root helps to improve calcium absorption along the brush border of the small intestine. Together these supportive ingredients help distribute the rich serving size of Calcium (1000mg per scoop) over a large surface area, assimilate into the body and deposit the it into the bone; out of the circulation and blood vessels where it is not required.  This lemon-lime powder includes an absorbable form of elemental calcium, derived from calcium citrate. The powder format also makes it easy to swallow and digest while supplying a recommended serving size at one convenient sitting.  A serving of 1000IU or 250%DV of Vitamin D3, the inclusion of 1mg of Boron and 6mg of Silica support natural bone strength.

Strontium Hx™ Mineral Supplements

Strontium is an oligo-trace mineral that sits below calcium on the periodic table, rendering calcium, strontium as well as magnesium in the same chemical family. With up to 99% of the body’s strontium stores in the bones, it is also naturally occurring in soil and food. Although no deficiency level has been established for strontium, it is involved in the healthy formation and duration of strong bones. InVite®’s Strontium Citrate provides 250 mg of elemental strontium per capsule.

Collagen Hx™

While there exists over 25 types of collagen in the human body, over 90% is formed by Collagen Type 1.  New research has indicated that bovine form of hydrolyzed collagen type I and III play a more uniform role in the repair and support of connective and structural tissue in the human body. The new collagen is a combination of mostly types I and III, together the most abundant form of collagen in the human body.  This dietary supplement, known in the research as Peptan ™, has shown to be as effective for joint health and even more effective than the original for the skin, hair, nails and bones. Although the taste and texture have changed, we have upgraded our collagen to benefit the whole body. 

We have also upgraded the silica from horsetail rush explaining the darker color. Silica combines with collagen and vitamin D to create the organic matrix of the bone (this is what calcium attaches to for bone strengthening) and silica combines with collagen to create hair, skin and nails. This is key; silica helps maintain collagen and the collagen/silica are both used by the body to create cartilage for joint health. Silica is also used with collagen to create tendons and ligaments.

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Bone Health Program

Bone Food Powder

One of InVite’s popular new products, this dietary supplement powder is formulated to support normal bone density.

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