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Bone Health

Millions of Americans suffer from bone loss, increasing their risk of a dangerous fracture. Bone health supplements can help support the replacement of bone cells and protect the loss of bone cells in the body. Invite Health carries a broad line of bone health supplements designed to maintain strong bones.

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  • Collagen powder

    Collagen Hx®

    While there exists over 25 types of collagen in the human body, over 90% is formed by Collagen Type 1.  New research has indicated that bovine form of hydrolyzed collagen type I and III play a more uniform role in the repair ... More Info
  • Hyaluronic Acid w/ Devils Claw

    Hyaluronic Acid w/ Devils Claw

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is widely occurring in connective, skin, and neural tissues, such as eyes and heart valves. It is a substantial component of the synovial fluid that cushions the joint, and is lost through repeated wear ... More Info
  • Bone Food Powder

    Bone Food Powder

    InVite Health’s Bone Food Powder is one of our most popular products. This dietary supplement powder is formulated to support and maintain normal bone density with a powerful blend of ingredients. Just one serving of our ... More Info
  • Sterols


    Plant Sterols are a natural component of healthy foods, but since it is difficult to obtain an appropriate amount of these plant-based nutrients to improve blood fat levels, sterol supplements are necessary. The National Cholesterol ... More Info
  • Joint Hx®

    Joint Hx®

    Joint Hx® benefits your knees and other joints in multiple ways. The combination of the herb Turmeric with the proteolytic enzyme Bromelain (derived from pineapple) improves the comfort of the joint, making it easier ... More Info
  • Strontium Hx®

    Strontium Hx® Mineral Supplement

    Strontium is an oligo-trace mineral that sits below calcium on the periodic table, rendering calcium, strontium as well as magnesium in the same chemical family. With up to 99% of the body’s strontium stores in the bones, ... More Info
  • Vitamin D3 3000 IU

    Vitamin D3 3000 IU

    Our new Vitamin D3 3000IU has all the benefits of the InVite Vitamin D3 1000 and three servings in a single capsule. It has been reported by public health officials that 50% of the American public and 90% of the American public ... More Info
  • Vitamin D3-1000IU 90 capsules

    Vitamin D3-1000IU 90 capsules

    Vitamin D has become one of the most physician-recommended dietary supplements over the last few years. Not technically an essential vitamin since the body synthesizes the “sunshine vitamin” through a chemical reaction between ... More Info
  • Alkalizer


    Net Wt. 6.7oz (192g) The typical American diet over-consumes salt (Sodium Chloride) while providing a lot less potassium than required. Americans also eat a great deal more food that is converted to acidic compounds (meat, ... More Info
  • Vitamin K2 Complex

    Vitamin K2 Complex w/ K1

    For decades Vitamin K2 has been recognized for its therapeutic function on the body's blood flow in connection with balancing blood clotting. A series of recent clinical studies however have found that the two natural forms of ... More Info
  • Magnesium Glycinate

    Magnesium Glycinate

    Magnesium Glycinate is an important mineral for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, a healthy blood pressure and keeping blood sugar within a normal range. Additionally, Magnesium Glycinate provides nutritional support for bones, ... More Info
  • Sterols Plus Hx®

    Sterols Plus Hx®

    Plant sterols provide support for people with healthy cholesterol levels.  Foods and supplements containing at least 650mg per serving of plant sterol esters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least ... More Info
  • Client 9, men supplements

    Client 9

    Sometimes men need quick help to support healthy sexual function. Client 9 is designed to give a more immediate boost to normal-healthy sexual function. Containing a large formulation of herbs and nutrients that support (1) desire, ... More Info
  • Calcium Citrate With Vitamin D

    Calcium Citrate With Vitamin D3

    Calcium is a major nutrient that offers nutritional support and protection for bone, muscle contraction, heart action, immune and colon health. Many scientific studies confirm the importance of supplementing with Vitamin D in ... More Info
  • Calcium Magnesium

    Calcium Magnesium

    Highly absorbable Calcium Citrate (250mg) and Magnesium Citrate (125mg) in a 2:1 ratio per tablet are provided in this InVite product. Calcium and Magnesium are the two major common minerals needed for building and maintaining ... More Info
  • calplex

    Calplex Hx®

    Calpex Hx® is made up of highly absorbable combination of two types of Calcium; Calcium Citrate (250mg) and Calcium Hydroxyapatite (320mg). It also includes other important factors for comprehensive bone building such as ... More Info
  • Magnesium Citrate

    Magnesium Citrate

    Magnesium Citrate is an important mineral for blood pressure and blood sugar maintenance already within normal range as well as heart rhythm health. It provides nutritional support for bone maintenance as well as cardiovascular ... More Info
  • K-Mag Hx®

    K-Mag Hx®

    K-Mag Hx® is a unique formulation of 3 ingredients that balance and protect Calcium supplementation. While Calcium may be the most important mineral in proper bone formation and density, Magnesium also plays a powerful ... More Info
  • vitamin d supplement

    Vitamin D3-600IU 60 tablets

    Vitamin D has become one of the most physician-recommended dietary supplements over the last few years. Not technically an essential vitamin since the body synthesizes the “sunshine vitamin” through a chemical reaction between ... More Info
  • Silica


    InVite Health offers 250mg of Silica per tablet, in a simple, absorbable form. InVite's Silica is sourced from the horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense) whose tall reeds are able to withstand strong winds. This is mirrored by ... More Info
  • Osteoporosis program, Bone Vitamins, Minerals, womens health

    Osteoporosis Program

    #ulProgramContains li {margin-bottom:0;} The Osteoporosis Program Contains: Bone Food Powder Strontium Hx® Mineral Supplements Bone Food Powder One of InVite’s popular new products, this dietary supplement powder ... More Info
  • Bone Health Program II

    Bone Health Program II

    Maintaining a robust bone structure throughout life may decrease the risk of fracture as we age. It is never too late to give your body the nutrition it needs to maintain healthy bones. Although calcium and Vitamin D are two ... More Info
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