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Black Seed with Rosemary and Cordyceps

Sku: MAR932

InVite Health

Black Seed

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Black Seed Supplement

This unique InVite® Health formula combines the immune benefits of a trio of plants used in traditional medicine throughout the world. Our Black Seed with Rosemary and Cordyceps is a convenient and powerful supplement that primarily supports the immune system and respiratory lung health.

Nigella sativa produces the fortifying black seed, known also as black cumin/black caraway, which supports digestive comfort. Rosemary helps with the normal function of several organs including the lungs, prostate and digestive components, most likely due to its healthy inflammatory mediation from the natural antioxidants it contains. Cordyceps, known as caterpillar fungus, is a medicinal mushroom that is of half animal and half vegetable origin. It is of high value in Tibetan medicine, mainly due to its aphrodisiac folklore. More modern research has shown it helps maintain testosterone levels. It is a valuable rhizome that grows on the high plateaus of Tibet. Similar to other medicinal mushrooms, Cordyceps is showing promise in research for supporting a healthy immune system via white blood cells. It also may help with borderline blood sugar levels and borderline cholesterol while increasing the good HDL.

This blend of three natural ingredients; the pepper-flavored spice called Black Seed, the aromatic herb Rosemary, and the traditional wholesome Tibetan remedy Cordyceps provides a range of additional health benefits. This product may: help improve energy and reduce fatigue, help mediate inflammatory response and increase body-wide comfort, support sexual libido, help individuals who require deep-acting nutritional lung support, act as a beneficial antioxidant for the colon and digestive tract, and improve blood pressure already within a normal range. Black seed is also free of common allergens, making for a very safe product that can be consumed by almost anyone. Here at InVite, this is one of our most useful natural snoring remedies. It’s also great to for seasonal-related symptoms as due to super-nutritive for lung health. Each capsule includes 400mg Black Seed, 200mg Rosemary and 200mg Cordyceps.

As a dietary supplement for adults, the suggested serving size is one Vcaps® capsule once or twice a day with food, or as directed by your health care professional.

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Black Seed with Rosemary and Cordyceps

This unique InVite® Health formula combines the immune benefits of a trio of plants used in traditional medicine throughout the world.

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