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InVite Health

Biotin Vitamin

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Biotin Vitamin

Biotin is lesser known as vitamin H (which stands for Haar und Haut, German for hair and skin). It is also known as Coenzyme R, which is a water-soluble Vitamin B7.

As part of a normal, healthy diet, this B-complex vitamin offers powerful nutritional support for normal blood sugar metabolism. Ingesting raw egg whites is associated with a biotin deficiency as is a lack of food sources of biotin such as egg yolks, green leafy vegetables and liver. A deficiency of Biotin can affect the health of skin (especially around the mouth and the scalp), the nails and healthy hair growth.

InVite's Biotin is an excellent source of Biotin, providing 2000 mcg or 6670% of your daily value. Vitamins are extremely important to overall health, and Biotin vitamins are no exception. Similar to most of the B-family vitamins, Biotin is essential for energy creation. When food containing carbohydrates and fats are absorbed into the body, Biotin metabolizes them into practical substances.

Biotin vitamin is needed for the metabolism of branched chain amino acids which are necessary for both muscle maintenance and brain energy. These vitamins are also indispensable for the creation of Nucleotides, which forge appropriate levels of energy, immunity and tissue repair and maintenance. Recent studies have shown that supplementation of these vitamins can be useful for those who are already within normal blood sugar and metabolic syndrome ranges.

Biotin is also involved in the metabolism and usage of glucose by the body. Some clinical studies of individuals who have developed hair loss have presented with low levels of this B-Complex vitamin. Although not all thin-haired or bald individuals have a biotin deficiency, supplementation with Biotin vitamins may be advantageous for those who wish to address the problem from nutritional angles.

Consult your doctor or health care provider to see is symptoms of Biotin vitamin deficiency including hair loss might be affecting you. People may also benefit from supplementation as it can help keep blood sugar control in balance when already in a normal range.

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Biotin is lesser known as vitamin H (which stands for Haar und Haut, German for hair and skin).

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