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Welcome to InVite Health

For the last 25 years, in America and around the world, we have been experiencing the natural health revolution with an explosion of evidence-based knowledge of nutraceutical and cosmeceuticals . We have learned so much regarding how they can be utilized for life-enhancement, reduction in risk of disease, health maintenance and promotion, drug-nutrient depletions and nutrient deficiency recovery and even further into the realm of healthy aging.

Since opening in 1987, Hickey Chemists was recognized as a leader in evidence-based nutritional supplementation. At all times we strived to be on the responsible leading edge in our development of condition-specific and anti-aging nutritional formulas and natural compounded prescriptions.

In 2001, Hickey Chemists merged with InVite™ Health, a widely recognized innovator in nutraceutical science. Even at that time InVite™ was collaborating with well-recognized leaders in the fields of nutraceutical development and treatments. We then had the opportunity to provide the same level of integrity in our products while expanding our product line to a greater number of consumers and practitioners, including physicians, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and Americans at home.

Since then we have been offering you and your family the opportunity to attain your health goals as we continue to represent leading edge, but responsible, information and state-of-the-science product development. All of our locations feature full time health professionals such as Clinical Nutritionists, Registered Dieticians and Naturopathic Doctors who have great expertise in health and nutrition. And we are steadily growing.

InVite™ Health follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guaranteeing that what we say on the label, are indeed the good ingredients and serving sizes in the bottle. We are continuing to follow through on these guidelines as the FDA updates their new classification current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Our key staff are trained in cGMP so that we can best understand and continue to update our products to the highest standard possible, while providing the best product and product knowledge for our customers.

InVite Health and Capsugel share a long history and warm partnership founded in commitment to science and quality.

In the 1990’s Capsugel provided the new Vcaps© vegetarian capsule for the initial studies InVite® Health sponsored at Cornell University under the direction of pharmacist/nutritionist Jerry Hickey. In January of 2001, InVite® Health was one of the first adopters of Capsugel’s innovative dosage form Licaps© liquid-filled capsules for the revolutionary InVite© Multi Vitamin. It provided evidence-based nutrients in an advanced delivery system for accurate absorption and assimilation. This relationship led to a number of other innovative products that provide the quality and science of dosage delivery discerning customers have come to expect.

From a formulation perspective, Capsugel uses the formulation and processing science developed in the pharmaceutical world to bring superior delivery systems to the valued InVite Health community. When the Americas Region Formulation Center was opened in 2005, Capsugel launched a facility capable of using pharmaceutical-based development protocols to formulate dietary supplement ingredients into the liquid dosage form. Such scientific protocols are technologies transferred from Capsugel’s successful formulation center in Colmar, France at which site the original InVite Health formulas were developed.

In Colmar, formulators developed a specially formulated CoQ10 that, in one study, delivers 30% higher bioavailability than other tested dosage forms of the ingredient. The liquid-filled Licaps® capsules offer improved absorption compared to tablets. A liquefied active ingredient works quicker because the body doesn’t have to dissolve the solid material in order to prepare the active for absorption. In addition, by delivering a pre-solubilized liquid active, absorption time in the digestive tract is lessened.

Using propriety “expert” systems software and cutting-edge equipment, skilled formulators test ingredients for purity, density and combination compatibility. They analyze formulas for density, particle size and viscosity to ensure fast-to-market delivery of high-quality final formulations, including those customized for optimum bioavailability. For instance the key technology for Capsugel is to make a capsule so the body can absorb everything. Capsugel works with natural ingredients to enhance that bioavailability and provide oxygen protection, which is a potential problem for keeping ingredients fresh. This capsule type features Licaps Fusion Technology®, which utilizes a series of cutting-edge advancements in capsule filling, sealing and inspection of the final product. Fusion technology cures a seal, turning a two piece capsule into a one piece fused capsule that also maintains fresh ingredients. A nitrogen flush freshness bubble is included on the inside of the Licap® to help preserve the oxygen-free integrity of the product. Each capsule is triple micro-bacterial protected. The goal to deliver ‘high protection’ and ‘fast release’ of the dietary supplement.



Pharmacist/Nutritionist Jerry Hickey and Dr. Patricia Selassie host talk radio, call-in shows, broadcast in several locations throughout the US. We educate the public on improving health and wellbeing with nutrition science.


Our website at www.InViteHealth.com offers detailed product information, archives of radio broadcasts, latest research articles on product formulations as well as helpful testimonials from our loyal customers.

Health Professionals

InVite® hires full-time Clinical Nutritionists, Registered Dieticians and Naturopathic Doctors who provide nutritional consultations over the phone, via online health assessment questionnaires and in each of our store locations.

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the latest nutritional research and news from our Social Media team. Watch for events and cyber specials.



InVite® Health uses clinical research from modern science and traditional medicine. More is not always better when it comes to nutrient levels. Certain products blend better than others. We consider all factors and do the research for you.


Jerry Hickey and InVite® development team source and combine the most reliable and patented ingredients for the safest and most effective results at the proven serving size. Our products are formulated to combat common drug-induced nutrient depletions as well as maximize daily health.


We follow cGMP guidelines to manufacture pure, standardized and absorbable nutrition. We use the best capsules available to protect the product and the healthiest excipients that match the level of reliability in the products themselves.


We stand behind all of our InVite® Health formulas with a total 30 day money-back guarantee. Our management and employees make every effort to ensure complete satisfaction, whether you want to maintain your good health, or address a specific condition.

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